Passive Crypto Earnings April 2021 (Lending/Dividends/Staking/DeFi)

Passive Crypto Earnings April 2021 (Lending/Dividends/Staking/DeFi)

By costanza | costanza | 26 May 2021

I make monthly reports on my personal Lending, staking, Dividends passive crypto earnings as a way to keep close track of everything while giving myself some motivation to continue building. It also might give some good info to those who are also looking to get some passive earnings from their crypto holdings showing how being consistent adds up over time.

I will only cover mostly passive earnings in these posts not including earnings that take more effort like blogging, Gaming, Sports Betting & Poker or Affiliates on platforms like Hive | Publish0x | Leofinance | Steemit | Splinterlands | Nitrogensports | ...

How much exactly is needed to get to these numbers can perfectly be calculated along with the risk it involves, so do your own research on that if you intend to get in on any of the ones that I am using to get passive returns! I am covering many of these platforms in greater detail on my blog (

I'm running late on this report from April due to a lack of time but making it anyway to reach at least 1 full year of making these monthly progress reports. The crypto market had quite the correction while the overall yield that is given by lending platforms and suck started to go down due to supply/demand. The big correction either caused to bull market to be prolonged until later this year or that we are now already in a bear market. At this moment, I'm no longer locking most of my altcoins for a longer period of time as I rather have them liquid to possibly take profit instead of earning some passive returns on them at the risk of missing out.

Crypto Lending Earnings

I'm still using the 4 big Crypto Lending platforms ( | BlockFi | | as a way to both get the best rates and also spread the risk. I'm also looking to explore Voyager which seems to be another big platform that gives passive lending returns.


1. BlockFi


BlockFi still works properly providing a steady flow of passive returns on some of my longer-term holdings and the good thing is that they also allow trading on their platform which I might start to use to take profit into USD over time. I also moved some coins out (ETH) and in (LINK) just to optimize yield based on lending rated from other platforms.

BlockFi is also giving a 10$ worth in BTC to everyone that signs up and deposits at least 100$ in Crypto on their interest account when they sign up with a Referral link. Feel free to use mine or the one from a friend that already has a BlockFi account.

BlockFi Passive Earnings
0.00437916 BTC (174.64$)
0.08527888ETH (242.31$)
0.1123377 LTC (22.53$)


2. Earn / Cashback


I'm still using as my go-to app for everyday payments having my funds for expenses sitting in BTC-ETH-LINK to convert a bit monthly to EURO loading it onto my Pre-paid visa card which gives 2% cashback on all my purchases. The BTC is also in flexible staking earning some yield.

They are still offering a nice sign-up deal for everyone that gets on using a referral link (code: e7xe283zea) giving a free 25$ worth in CRO when meeting certain requirements. Passive Earnings
0.0005749 BTC (2.31$)
35.06 CRO (4.72$)



I did get some LINK out of since they dropped the 4.51% to 3% while getting some ETH in as they still offer 5.05% with the rates on BlockFi going down. These changes will only start kicking in during May. is still offering a sign-up bonus up to 20$ in BTC for everyone that signs up with a Referral link depositing 200$ or more keeping it in place for at least 30 days. Passive Earnings
11.95588 LINK (386.77$)
2.1161 EOS (13.37$)
6.14274 ZRX (6.88$)
0.0108 DASH (2.32$)
0.0000 BTC (0.55$)



I started reducing my EOS funds on Nexo who still give 4% returns and will likely start staking some on binance. Passive Earnings
1.6153 EOS (10.00$)

Crypto Dividend Earnings

These are dividends paid from projects that have actual revenue and share it with tokenholders.


1. (WIN)


I have reduced my position in WIN from 25M to a stable 14M taking profit on the pump to the point where I got way more than my initial investment out of it and a very nice bag as long-term hodl bringing in passive returns. has been offline for a couple of weeks which will influence the returns of May by a lot and I'm hoping things stabilize again going forward. The price of TRX also crashed quite hard in the most recent dump which makes the overall result at TRX prices now quite a bit lower compared to the weekly results counted in USD. Passive Earnings
WIN 1737.10 TRX (140.50$)
RAKE 31.67 TRX (2.55$)


2. (SBET)


I have been in full accumulation mode for SBET ( these past months as I really like what they have as a product combined with still a low under-the-radar valuation. This makes me willing to take a bit more risk on this one building a quite big position buying the dip recently at a rate of 24.4$ for 10k SBET (See Post). I don't expect exponential growth from one day to another but more slow but steady growth and adoptions giving some solid weekly dividends along the way. Passive Earnings
33.17 EOS (203.00$)
39.64 SBET (0.13$)
0.71037 mBTC (27.80$)
3.3968 USDT (3.40$)


Crypto Staking Earnings

From what I understand, staking is all about locking up coins getting rewards for it that most of the time comes from inflation.


1. Band Protocol Staking Rewards


I took some profit after unstaking some band but kept 200 BAND staked to collect the rewards which pays 17% on Atomic Wallet.

Band Protocol (BAND) Passive Earnings
2.833 BAND (24.40$)

2. Tron (TRX)


I still have 10k TRX in frozen voting for Super Representatives which brings in some passive earnings. All these small things do add up and it's easy to have them in place letting them ride right now.

TRON Passive Earnings
47.768 TRX (3.86$)

3. Binance Staking Rewards


I did some more staking on Binance which offers it for a lot of different coins even though it's quite a mess as there are so many different options. They do provide passive returns for a lot of different coins (TOMO | ARK | EOS | ARPA | LIST | THETA | LOOM | KAVA | TEZOS | ATOM | TRON | ALGO | ONE | FET | STRAT | QTUM | KMD | VET | ONT | NEO | TROY | ERD | XLM | YFI | KNC | ...). Signing up with my Referral Link will also give you a 0.10% cashback on all your trading fees.

Binance Staking Passive Earnings
0.16 DOT (3.61$)
7.417 ALGO (7.416$)
0.00018922 YFI (9.01$)

4. LEO Miner Rewards


The price of LEO has seen a massive surve the past year to a point where it really was overextended despite the number of users growing along with new products like cubdefi being rolled out. The recent correction brought things back to more normal levels and I don't mind taking the ride up and down as my entry price for LEOM tokens was just very favorable. I did earn 20.14 LEO from mining in April which currently comes down to 6.87$

LEO Miner Passive Earnings
20.14 LEO (6.87$)

5. SPT Delegation


I still like SPT as a small token with a really low market cap that potentially is very undervalued as it still has to get a real use case (which I believe eventually will come) in the Splinterlands game. Everything under 0.00025$ puts it in my buy range and that is what I have been doing ever since it went below again. I did earn a total of 31409.906 SPT passively from delegating around ~1.2M SPT to @monster-curator. By now after buying more the past day and week, I'm reaching closer to my 2M SPT target.

SPT Delegation Passive Earnings
31409.906 (4.71$)

6. Cub DeFi


I did stake all the CUB (~10) I receive from the airdrop a few months ago in the Den on while the price last month was 3.86$ for 1CUB earning 1.85 CUB extra during the month. By now the price dropped to 0.921$ earning 1.466 cub having 11.85 staked instead of 10. The good thing though is that it's basically all free money and who knows where it will go one day.

Cub Finance Staking Rewards
CUB 1.466 (1.35$)

7. Uniswap


I have been wanting to provide some liquidity on Uniswap for a long time, but the high Ethereum Gas Fees made it too expensive until the end of April when they were at a reasonable level for me to pool both some ETH along with my DIP holdings on the platform. I still need more data to see if it really is worth it and if the potential impermanent loss is an issue. So during May, I mostly just have been keeping track of things. I did earn 3.8$ in fees on the first day providing 1.35 ETH and 16k DIP to the pool.

Uniswap Liquidity Passive Earnings
ETH-DIP Pool (3.80$)

That's it for this month again.

Please let me know in the comments what your personal favorite ways are to earn passive earnings and feel free to include your Affiliate link!

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