Jupiler League Week 27 Sunday Previews

Jupiler League Week 27 Sunday Previews

By costanza | Costanza Sports Betting | 14 Feb 2021

These are previews from matches involving Belgian Teams with all the latest on team news, player form, injuries along with my personal betting angles, ...


Two out of the 3 matches yesterday were postponed because part of the pitch was frozen. They will be played next Wednesday at 17:00 and 19:00. I managed to get into a good spot in the match that was played with a chance to hit a 2 unit+ jackpot which unfortunately did not hit despite having some good profit. I have been in quite a good streak these past weeks and overall confidence is quite good going into the 4 matches today...









Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I will cover these matches live in our SBC Discord Channel. All my bigger pre-game & Live bets can automatically be followed on Copytip

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Pre-Game Preview Bets 
I continue to share many of my pre-game bets in all my preview posts. Most of them are smaller bets or trading positions and some of them I took early in the week and might not have the exact same odds available. These bets should just be seen as info and not as something to blindly follow. Record on them so far this season is 178 Bets | +14.77% ROI on Flat Unit bets (See Results) Bigger pre-game bets which are rare these days I also tend to take extra on those in BTC.


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Costanza Sports Betting

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