IRISnet - Aug. Monthly Report

Hello everyone!

Welcome to IRISnetwork monthly recap!

One of the best month for us is the month of August,  because we created lots of activities, ecosystem updates, partnerships, upgraded, Launching testnet and bifrost phase-0 and everything.


Inter-Realm Industry Trust Alliance (IRITA) is the 1st enterprise-level permissioned blockchain product in the Cosmos ecosystem Powered by Tendermint and IRIS SDK.
It has 6 core technical advantages such as privacy-protecting data sharing with authorization, highly efficient consensus protocol, cutting-edge cross-chain technology, highly practical on/off-chain inter-operation capabilities, flexible digital asset modeling and exchange, and business analytics powered by big data.
Thus IRITA can be widely used in various industries, such as the financial industry, providing value-based on blockchain trust machines.

Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow Wallet supports both IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub.

Rainbow Wallet is positioned to support the IBC transfer and iService that IRISnet and Cosmos will realize in the future. It is a light mobile client that combines the advantages of centralization and decentralization.


Blockchain explorer for IRIS Hub, which includes explorer-backend and explorer-frontend.

Stay tuned so you won’t miss out on any of the exciting new events that are coming soon! With collaborations, incentivized testnet, Hackatom, and much more to come, everyone will have the space to express themselves and bring their personal contribution to the IRIS Network ecosystem!

You can check our full updates on our medium website here and visit our community channels below as we have big announcements coming!


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