How to buy ~SAFEMOON~

By Gesi | Cosmic Economical system | 25 May 2021


It became famous very quickly and it already has 3 B $ market cap. I personally purchased it yesterday and gave 50 $ as it was the minimum amount and i just saw my wallet and it went up to 70$. I want to share with you and ofc you do your own research about it, as if it is a buy or a sell.


Download Trust app and create a wallet

Its simple and you can do it from your smartphone.5c152fd02201aad43dd69ec1823bd634c90650f4836ee33c90e865151ca228bd.jpg



BUY BNB (50$ min)



Then you click on BNB coins that you just bought-> Go to more on the right top corner ( 3 little dots) and press swap to SMARTCHAIN and SWAP 100% of your BNB coins.



Go to DApps if you have android and click on PancakeSwap and connect your TRUST wallet in the top right corner.



Go to swap and make sure you connected your wallet right. Swap your BNB smartchain to SAFEMOON. Press all available amount of BNB you have and ~~BE CAREFUL ~~ you must change go to settings its a right next to "Exchange" those little bars and press to manually change slippage tolerance to 12 %. Then swap and enjoy your SAFEMOON.



In order to see the amount of Safemoon to your trust wallet you must click on "time" icon right next to the settings bar you pressed earlier in order to change slippage tolerance and click on history open up the Safemoon transaction and copy the code of your transaction. Go back to your Trust wallet and press +add a custom token. Change network to Smartchain and paste the transaction code you just copied. Click save and go back to your wallet. 


Hope you found that helpful! Let me know in comments if you find any difficulties. 



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