cubist art deco nude oil painting

Neo Deco – 15-01-24

By Corne_Akkers | Corne Akkers Art | 17 Jan 2024


cubist art deco nude oil painting

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An Elaboration

This oil painting ‘Neo deco – 15-01-24’ is an elaboration of a pastel of almost 7 years back. Together with my graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 26-05-17 (Sold)’ they are prestudies for this oil. A bit goofy you’d say? Well, I have so many ideas and the best way to capture an idea is to draw it. Then I came to realize I was neglecting my ambitions with regard to oil painting a bit. Besides that, It’s always nice to refurbish an old idea and put it into color. Even though I sold both the pastel and the drawing something entered my mind. The colors in the first could need a bit of a redo. Especially after my last oil I fell in love with this matt green. Time for another Neo Deco!

Retro Feel

As said before I reminds me to the art deco epoque. To me it represents the patina of a bygone era. I visualize the smell of cigars, wood furniture and the look of a styled world. A bit daft perhaps but I am not alone. Alledgedly Madonna has some Tamara de Lempicka’s in her house and you remember her song ‘Vogue’. “They had style, they had grace” lingers in my mind. Surely, such moviestars she’s referring to only strike a pose in front of the camera. Such a life full of beauty wasn’t in the books for my ancesters at least. But wouldn’t you agree to my remarks on bringing back the style a bit? It seems this world can use a bit of glamour. Not the cheap fake influencers ooze out but genuie new visual insights in true beauty.

A Bit of an Art Statement

Instead of mass consumption I strive to bring back the love for craft. Show how beautifully something of value is forged. That is why I don’t feel like belonging in this era, at least artwise. What do you think, me a bit sentimental? Today I spoke to a couple of students of mine who totally agree on this. They also know many others you think the same way. So, I’m not the only one.

Color Scheme

Now I set out to also employ the abovementioned green I had to come up with a new color scheme. The one in the pastel only knew red, blue and white. That was daring but this oil needed something else. First I enforced the reds but felt I was in need of orange as well. It serves as a counterbalance to blue. There you have it: two cool and two warm colours. Both complementary. Last but not least, I also took care of a saturational balance. That is why I kept the black and white colors serving as ligaments to keep all strong colors in place. A nice and very abstract female form. Probably one of the most abstract I ever made to date.

Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

Video (creating):


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The Start Young as I was when I started drawing and painting I started my professional art career at age 35 after ending a succesful carreer as a business lawyer. I kept on handling my brushes and pencils after childhood but never dreamed I could make a

Corne Akkers Art
Corne Akkers Art

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