Earn Money By Solving recaptchas

Earn Money By Solving recaptchas

By coolguy222 | coolguy222 | 29 Nov 2019

In the world of online work there are many scams and its very hard to find true website to earn money. Most of the scam projects ask you to pay registration fees.
Today i want to share a website where you can earn money by solving recaptchas. Its very simple to earn with this website. Website is known as 2captcha. Here is the website link

Now let me show you proof of payment.
Here is a screenshot of my recent withdrawl


I am using bitcoin to withdraw my earning.
There are many other withdrawl option available on the payout page.
Minimum withdrawl for bitcoin is 1$ while for other payments its only 0.5$.
After you will sign up you will be asked to join as a worker or as a customer. You will have to choose as a worker in order to earn money by solving recaptchas.
Once you sign up you have to verify your email. After sucessful verification by email you can download the software for your PC or Android device in FaQ section as shown in the screenshot below


Once you downloaded the app you have to put the client key in the app setting and you are ready to work. Client key is on your dashboard page.
Each 1000 recaptcha solved will earn you 1$. Price keep varying and sometimes the rate becomes 2$/1000 recaptchas.
Atleast its a legit website that pays you for your work. I use this website to earn ehenever i am free. Its a good way to earn extra cents.
Here is how much recaptchas i have solved till now


If you want to earn some extra cents in your free time then here is link to join


Thanks for reading.


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