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Alien Worlds Basics: Equipping the same tool multiple times

By Tofu Titan | Convergence | 18 Apr 2021

Step by Step instructions to equip the same tool multiple times


So you got yourself some duplicate tools and want to mine with them? After all digging with three drills has got to be better than one, right?

Alien Worlds' UI doesn't make it easy so you need to follow a few steps to make it happen. Ready? Let's get started.

1. Collect your Item IDs of the tools you want to equip

  • Open your WAX wallet
  • Go to your account at AtomicHub
  • Click on your Account address in the top right to open the drop down menu
  • Open your Inventory to show your collection of NFT's.
  • Click on each tool you want to equip and copy their item IDs

Item ID of tool

  • Paste each ID into this. Note there are no spaces


  • Copy that text sequence and put it aside. You'll need that later.

2. Go to and log into your account.

3. Search for m.federation which is the official WAX account used to store all the smart contracts.

4. Open the Contracts tab

5. Open the Actions tab

6. Click on "setbag" button

7. Under Enter Data

  • you need to put your WAX account name in Account ie your .wam address
  • in the Items field; paste that ["1099518626614","Item_ID_2","Item_ID_3"] text sequence you've saved somewhere. setbag screen

8. Click "Submit Transaction"

9. Verify the transaction

10. Refresh your Alien Worlds screen to confirm the new tools have been equipped.

There you go! I hope you all find some great NFT's and juicy TLM with your new builds.

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