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Top Research, September 2020

By dGen | Convergence Stack | 1 Oct 2020

We've rounded up a list of the most relevant research in emerging tech. While the full list is more rounded out, here is my top picks relating to cryptos, CBDCs, and stablecoins. European banks have begun to dominate research, as they struggle to keep up with the innovations sweeping the financial sector. But, while they do this, there have been contradictory statements made on the role of private stablecoins and their safety for the European market.

What role do you think private stablecoins should play? None at all, an accessory role to traditional fiats or CBDCs, or that they should push government-issued money out of the market?

1. European Central Bank

Stablecoins: Implications for Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, Market Infrastructure and Payments, and Banking Supervision in the Euro Area

2. dGen

CBDCs: Geopolitical Ramifications of a Major Digital Currency

3. Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Money Reinvented

4. European Parliament

Digital Finance: Emerging Risks in Crypto-Assets: Regulatory and Supervisory Challenges in the Area of Financial Services, Institutions and Markets


Check out the full article by my co-worker for a more expansive list of reports and brief descriptions.

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Convergence Stack
Convergence Stack

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