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Top Research August 2020

By dGen | Convergence Stack | 31 Aug 2020

Looking to keep up with the latest research? Even though August tends to be a bit slower than some other months, we still managed to find some great research from the BIS, The Block, Deloitte, and more. 

August's unofficial theme seems to be CBDCs, with several groups working to round up information on the state of different efforts to drive forward better government-issued money from around the world.

Several of those reports are:

1. Rise of the Central Bank Digital Currencies: Drivers, Approaches and Technologies

2. A Global Look at Central Bank Digital Currencies | Full Research Report

3. The Digital Programmable Euro, Libra, and CBDC: Implications for European Banks

4. Digital Currencies: Public and Private, Present and Future

Check out the full article for brief descriptions and the full round-up. And, comment if we missed any great reports published this month!

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Convergence Stack
Convergence Stack

Blockchain is an exciting technology. But, outside of the financial sector (and even inside it), the greatest use seems to be from stacking this technology with other emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, and more. This is where we talk about these potential use-cases and developments.

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