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By PierreL | Content For Creators | 24 May 2021

I have already talked about ProtonMail and the whole Proton suite here, but I never mentioned the "Proton Storage Bonuses", and I feel like it's a pretty sweet part of the ecosystem that deserves some praise.

If you've never heard of ProtonMail, it is an open source, fully encrypted email service based in Switzerland. Messages, contacts and files are end-to-end encrypted by design and can not be used/stolen/sold by or to a third-party. It was created 7 years ago and counts over 50 million users as of May 2021.

Proton is creating a complete suite to create an easy to use, private, and safe internet environment. ProtonMail is already out, as well as ProtonVPN. ProtonCalendar is in beta testing and ProtonDrive is in development. Creating an account gives you access to the whole environment. I, for one, have a paid mail account, and this gives me the ability to use the free plan of the VPN service. You can create a free account for any service (because everyone should have access to privacy), or sign up for a paid account, either for just one solution or a bundle (with a discount). The paid accounts are what makes them sustainable, since there is no advertisement anywhere or user data to sell. Signing up for a paid account will of course give you more perks, and one of these perks is storage bonus.

For every paid account, on the anniversary of your subscription, Proton adds 1 GB of storage to your plan, for free, every year. I think you can clearly see the benefit of signing up early on if the project interests you. Now, 1 GB every year in a mail inbox is nice, but is it really this useful? I don't know about you, but I receive far less than that every year, so I definitely don't need it to grow this fast.

And this brings me to the best thing about this bonus: much like what Google does, the storage space will eventually be shared between the ProtonMail inbox and the ProtonDrive vault when it is released, which should be before the end of the year. This means that, every year, for no additional charge, your cloud storage space will be increased, and that's what I call a good bonus! Proton even shared recently the information that this amount will be increased in the future, meaning we will get even more than one extra giga as a reward every year. For free.

It is important to note that this bonus only applies to paid accounts, and that if you someday decide to switch back from a paid to a free account, you will lose all additional storage accumulated over the years.

With this extensive encrypted environment, from emails to contacts, calendar events and cloud storage, it proves to be a great tool for entrepreneurs who care about privacy and protecting their work and their clients, for a very good price since their paid plans start at only $4 a month. If you're interested, you can learn more and sign up over here: (that is not an affiliated link, I just genuinely think this is a great project that should be used by more people).

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