I released a FREE Youtuber asset pack!

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 4 Jun 2021

I finally finished and posted this pack that had been in the works for almost a year now, and that is a great feeling! I started working on it when I decided to create content for creators and I honestly don't know what kept me from finishing it over these past few months. I've had 95% of it done for months now and it was just sitting on my hard drive... I did struggle for a little while to find the best platform possible for me to sell digital products. My mindset has slightly changed now, and that's why I am extremely happy to tell you that you can get this for free, if you wish to do so!

The idea behind my products is now to make them available for free for beginners or fellow creators on a budget who are looking to grow their content creation activity but can't afford money or time on every aspect of it. That is why I chose to put my products on Buy Me A Coffee, so that this target audience can enjoy a free helping hand, while more established creators can still choose to pay me a fair price for them. Since BMC only allows for files up to 18MB, I chose to host the heavier files (including this asset folder) on IceDrive, a great cloud solution with a very intuitive UI and 10GB of storage with the free plan. This allows me to have my digital products safely stored and easily shareable with public download links.

That being said, I am happy to be able to finally share with you my first Youtuber Asset Pack! But what is this "asset pack" exactly?

I created 20 short, high-quality, hand-animated assets that you can use to encourage audience engagement during your Youtube videos. In the pack, you will find:

  • 10 subscribe/play buttons,
  • 5 like animations,
  • 5 notification bells,
  • 2 example combos.

The hand and bell icons come from Pixabay, and I made all the subscribe buttons (and all the animations) from scratch using Fusion within DaVinci Resolve. Using one asset of each category, you can create 250 different combos, so that's plenty of diversity among all the people who will want to use them! I also included some ringing bells and mouse clicks sound effects to give you even more customisation possibilities. A lot of similar packs already exist out there, but not a lot of them are free... I have been using some of my assets on client videos and everyone has been satisfied so far, so it's time for these assets to live a life of their own now.

You can see all the assets in use in the presentation video below:

If you are interested and wish to use this pack, simply head over to this page to download it. I will definitely make more video packs in the future, I am already working on video transitions and overlay packs that will probably end up on BMC as well, so stay tuned. 


Until next time, stay creative! See ya!




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