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Think and Take Action

The mind is super powerful.

  • What is a mind?

  • Where does the mind stay?

  • What is the function of the mind?

There can be endless questions around the mind. I don't have very accurate information about the mind and its whereabouts. But, I can feel that I have got a mind. My mind can think.


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We can say that the brain does all the job. There is a consciousness which has no material form. There comes the embodiment of an abstract entity called “mind.”

Whatever be the case, the mind has an important place in human consciousness.

How to tackle everyday life problems with the help of the mind's thinking power?

For example, I am typing some texts. First, I think, or instead, my mind thinks, or to be more precise, the brain directs to conceptualize some ideas of a script assertively. Those thinking scripts come as text typed out by our hands, appearing on the computer screen.


Humans have got a beautiful power – the power to think

The human brain is an intelligent computational body organ. I am writing about humans and most other animals having brains. The human brain is quite developed compared to other animal brains.

The brain does the job of thinking, and we say there is a mind that can think. Since, the thinking power is an abstract activity, we asay so we like to term it a name, and that is mind.

Humans have minds to think. Thinking power is a superpower. One can think about anything and anytime. It doesn't take us to pay any money to think. Of course, the brain's work consumes some energy.


The mind can take us anywhere

We can think about anything and anytime. That means we can mentally do anything, such as move around the world, visit a remote place, maybe the Moon, or an extra-terrestrial location!

For example, I can visit mentally the streets of San Jose, California where I had visited long ago in 1995. My mind can easily take a seat beside an old man in a park opposite to the San Jose Convention Center. I can visit my friend’s home in the highrise apartment in Los Angeles and have tea in their balcony facing a far off view of the Hollywood.

You can visit the Moon or even the Sun in thinking. In reality, the outer atmosphere of the Moon and Sun are different from the planet Earth where we live and breathe. There is no air on the Moon. The temperature of the Sun is super high. But, we can easily think about visiting and roaming on Moon and the Sun.


The mind can give a virtual time machine

The superpower of the mind can provide us with a time machine. Why not?

  • Let's go back down memory lane to yesterday. Go back to the past to inspect what had happened many years ago.

  • Not so far, maybe to the days when the 2020 US Presidential Election took place. Many people worldwide are curious to know what happened in that alleged fraudulent election and votes counting after that.

  • Or, visit the infamous Wuhan Lab in China to know what took place in syntheses of a virus having 'pandemic potential' and details about the experiments conducted from 2015 to 2018, and which countries sponsored those research.

  • I may wish to trace back and give a spying presence near Late US President John F. Kennedy's car and unfurl who other guys were involved in the assassination.

Analyzing the past with the help of historical documents and logical thinking may help unfurl past mysteries.


Nurture your mind for life grilling


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Humans' minds are imaginative. It is real that we can use the mind's power to do wonders. Let's nurture our thinking power. A lot of mental exercises may be tried in various directions of life. It requires dedication and willpower.

The real world requires innovation to solve many practical problems.

Take an example from the game of chess. How do we learn to play and excel in chess? It is the mind's thinking ability that guides a human to learn and improve the movements of chess playing. Life is similar. It requires a lot of thinking and a game plan. "Think and act" are the main theme.

If we train our minds with active educational learning, our minds can find answers to many unsolved problems. Apriori experiential knowledge can be utilized to train the mind for real-world innovation.


Closing remarks and recommendation

  • Human minds have immense power to think about many things that may first seem not possible or impossible.

  • With experiential knowledge and adequate education, we humans can improve our mind power.

  • If we carry out rigorous practical training, we can utilize the power of the mind to think, developing new solutions for many real-world problems.

Try the positive thoughts in the real world life grilling.

Think positive, follow logics, and take intentional steps towards betterment.



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All other graphics and videos are credited just below it.

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April 06, 2022.

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