The World Needs Love More Than Anything Else

I was watching a live music show.

  • The singer was a celebrity singer from the Indian film industry. She had a very bad throat infection. Her voice cracked due to a sudden temperature fluctuation during the season change. The last few weeks of June 2023 became hotter!

She grew up in the early 2000s. Her father was also a singer cum part-time actor in Kolkata but was unsuccessful in bagging continued offers from the Mumbai (Bombay) films.

  • Despite having a soar throat, she performed in a pre-booked musical program a few days ago. She used her original track in the background in some difficult songs (which are tough to be sung with an infected vocal chord) and sang along with her diseased voice.

The audience applauded her brave efforts in singing with her cracked voice because they loved her musical albums and past film songs.


How many of you believe in love?

The singer asked a question before singing one famous love song from a film.

  • "How many of you believe in love? Please raise your hands if you do so."

  • Sadly, very few raised their hands, probably because the Indian audience didn't know how to react. Most Indians are shy to show their emotions. The people in the audience were also shy to express their feelings!

Love is such an essential word that includes most parts of our life starting from birth to death. It starts from getting love and affection from parents, family members, friends, partners, and close acquantances.


Life without love seems meaningless.

  • Every living being needs care, affection, and appreciation.

In a single word, it may be expressed simply as love.

  • The world needs love more than anything else.

  • Nonhuman animals also need love.

  • Every living entity deserves love.

  • Even nonliving objects and architectures also need care. In real-world language, it is called good maintenance.

Love is a universal language that everybody understands.


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July 08, 2023

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