Music and Education Turn Me On

By Debesh Choudhury | Writing and Life | 22 May 2023

I am fond of education and music.

Music and education are two topics that can drive me after a person. I expect a little bit of education and musical liking from a person I would like to meet.

  • Education and music can easily turn me on toward a person or a group.

I would request you to read an article entitled "My Non-Sexual Turn On" by Jeanethth that inspired me to write this article. You can write yours!


Music is so naturally appealing and connected to human life.

Whether music is learned under a teacher or not, music is naturally attached to human life. Music is so natural that humans learn to sing from within without any formal training.

  • I can't think that a human won't like music. I can't imagine a human being hating music or avoiding music. It turns me off if I meet someone who dislikes music.

  • Music is my first love. Music can easily arouse all my inner senses. It won't be wrong to say that I am easily turned on by quality music.

Music is so naturally connected to human life. Music has existed since time immemorial. It won't be exaggerated if we comment that humans can't live without being drenched in music.


Education is the manifestation of human qualities.

Learning starts the day humans are born.

  • Learning is a natural process that involves various activities, including eating, drinking, walking, speaking, running, playing, singing, painting, etc.

  • Education and learning are directly linked to life and living.

Education is the manifestation of human qualities that already exist in every human.


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May 22, 2023

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