5 Year Old Boy Drives Car Onto Interstate

By Conny Manero | connymanero | 5 May 2020

Has anyone seen the story about the 5-year-old who took his mom’s car for a joyride and ended up on the highway before the police stopped him?

A story like that makes my blood boil. Apparently the kid asked his mother to buy him a Lamborghini and when she said no he got into her car and took off. I commented that he deserves a good beating, one he’ll never forget. Someone replied to my comment … ‘He’s only a child’. That makes my blood boil too.

Think about it for a moment. He could have killed one or several people, could have injured several more, whether they sustained mild injuries, or ended up in a wheelchair. Would you be so forgiving that he’s only a child if your partner or child ended up dead, paralyzed, or otherwise severely injured?

If I, or any child of my generation, had pulled a stunt like that, you better believe it we would have received a beating. Stealing a car, taking it for a joyride … we felt mom’s hand for a lot less than that.

And that is precisely the problem with today’s parenting … parents don’t hit their kids anymore. It’s against the law. What a stupid law that is. How else are parents supposed to discipline their kids? By sending them to their room? What a joke that is. Kids have plenty of entertainment in their room, some have merely books or toys, while others have a computer or even a TV. If a child is sent to its room that’s not punishment, they go their willingly.

I find that in general parents have no authority over their kids. Back in my day, we feared our parents, we knew that if we did something wrong there would be painful consequences. These days there are no consequences for bad behavior and kids laugh at their parents. When parents say don’t do this or that, the kids reply with ‘Or what?’

This is why so many kids end up to be bullies, drug users, and pregnant. There is no punishment for whatever they get up to.

Obesity in kids is also a result of a lack of discipline. Kids sit at the table and refused to eat something. What do parents do … they allow their kids to eat what they like: hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and other junk food. While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in such foods, for some kids that’s all they eat. Back in my day, we had to eat what was on the table. If we didn’t like it, we remained hungry. Nor could we raid the fridge at any time we liked. If we happened to open the fridge, mom would be there to close it with a ‘Lunch is at 1:00’ or ‘Dinner is at 7:00’.

Nor could we sit in front of the TV during the day or sit in our room for hours on end. Nobody had a TV in their room and computers didn’t exist. We had toys and books, but most of the time we played outside, alone or with other kids. The result, we were healthy kids with a normal weight. Our lungs were filled with fresh air and we got plenty of exercise. This, in turn, meant that we were hungry when lunchtime or dinnertime rolled around and we ate what mom put on the table.

Kids these days have no manners because punishment no longer fits the crime. They get away with everything.

I was at the doctor’s office the other day when a mother and her small boy walked in, I guessed him to be four years old. He was coughing and coughing and coughing, without holding a hand in front of his mouth. The receptionist handed the woman two face masks. The mother put the mask on but when she tried to put the mask on the boy he said ‘No’. She said ‘You don’t want to put the mask on?’ and again he said ‘No’. She replied with ‘Okay’ and left it at that. He proceeded to cough and cough and cough.

When they left the doctor’s office the mother put on the boy’s coat on and asked ‘Shall we take the subway, a cab, or an Uber?’ And I thought … is this woman serious? Who the hell asks a four-year-old for his opinion on transportation?

Parents no longer have authority over their children, the kids appear to be lord and master now and in due time, we’ll all be paying the price.

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Conny Manero
Conny Manero

I am the author of three novels and two children's books. I write for various online and print publications.


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