By AlmeidaJunior | Computer Science | 16 Aug 2019



How you can find your passion and pursue them?  How do we understand what we're passionate about ?   Today, I want to talk about a specific model. This model is a Japanese model called IKIGAI. The meaning  of IKIGAI is “a reason for being”. In other words, the reason you get up in the morning. We need four things to find a reason for being:


1) What do you love to do ? 


2) What do you do that you actually good ? 


3) What the world needs ?


4) What you can actually get paid for ?


The intersect between 1 and 2 is your passion. The intersect between 1 and 3 is your mission. The intersect between 2  and 4 is your job. The intersect between 3 and 4 is your vocation. The intersect between 1,2,3 and 4 is IKIGAI.

Best regards and have a nice weekend!

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