Arbinance Has Been Revived 👻 - Scam or Not (LOL) ❓❗️ - Back to Profits! 😁 - L7 Trade still RIP - update 26/09/19

Hello Friends,


Interesting development....


351665157-1a186168d8ea7291b1f52f763a113cf4997858670f7ffa2cad0bf0c009450faa.png Is back online.




As you might have heard a couple days ago two of the most talked about HYIP projects out there were both (almost simultaneously) shut down.


For those of you that havent heard about L7.Trade and short...thats 2 projects that were offering some crazy ROI (3-5% daily) using arbitrage technique.




L7 Trade has been running for a few month, before the admins decided they had enough to buy that little island they always dreamed about and made a very elaborate exit.


You can read about how it all transpired in my previous post.


The other site, Arbinance, on the other hand, was only running for a few weeks before crushing down on the same day as L7.


There wasn't that much difference with the platforms with regards to their functionality. Both of the websites claimed to be doing arbitrage trading on various exchanges.


Now the interesting part is that ever since L7 scammed out, there were numerous scammers (parasites?!) trying to feed up on scammed L7 investors with offers to release funds for a certain fee and even several twitter channels they claim that L7 is about to go back online.

*If you that hopeful you are welcome to check all the noise on this twitter account.


I gotta admit, personally i dont think there is even the slightest chance in the world the L7 will be back online, and if it will it will be without a dime of our original money, as those would be same/other scammers trying to pull another round.


The interesting part is that while all this was happening, L7 trade were deleting their social profiles, Arbinance on the other hand was quite communicative on their telegram, explaining the situation and promising to go back online and have all the funds available for withdrawal/continual trading.




A day has passed since then, L7 trade is still very much dead, but to my greatest surprise Arbinance has actually got back online.


It was gradually coming back , but as of last hour you can start depositing/withdrawing money, making trades and basically all the functionality is back to normal.




They still have some issues with deposits prior to a week or so back (just before the claimed hard-drive crash), but have a reclaiming form that should help out to sort it out.


They even promise some extra bonuses due to the inconvenience caused by their temporary departure.



But for now, it is indeed back on.




So guys, i will try to do a proper research on Arbinance and post it here, but for now i will let you do your own risk management calculations...


If you looking for a legitimate investment opportunity then Arbinance is probably not the right choice for you.




But If you looking to possibly make a quick buck, potentially from other peoples pockets (though isnt it always like this?) then you can go ahead and give it a try.




But please remember that there is a huge chance that arbinance will turn out to be a scam just as L7 Trade.

It can take a day, or a week...or even a few month..but eventually...we all know where it ends.


Enjoy the ride!



Personally i have about 30$ deposited there...




The Ironic part is that i deposited them about 2 weeks ago straight from L7 :)


So I guess those 30$ are a little memory ;)


If you do decide to play the game once more, and throw a few coins in, I will appreciate if you can sign up using my affiliate link, this will probably not be of any cost to you (except what you putting anyway) and might help me out to check out what is it all about.




I will keep you updated...




L7 RIP, Arbinance Back to Life



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