10 Day Update on My Trading on L7Trade Platform 📉📈 - 1.31858726 LTC Deposited, How Much have I Made in 10 days?! 💰💰💰

10 Day Update on My Trading on L7Trade Platform 📉📈 - 1.31858726 LTC Deposited, How Much have I Made in 10 days?! 💰💰💰

Hello again Crypto fans,


So have promised to do an update on my progress with this new arbitrage platform called L7Trade.

On my last post I have shown my statistics after a week of investing just over 125 XLM into the platform.

It looked very promising and I made over 23 XLM in that week, amounting to 18.6% profit from my initial investment.

My XLM profits kept pounding since then, and after 11 days of trading my current investment balance is 165.9901051 XLM, that means i already made over 40 XLM , with a nice 32.1% gains on top of my initial investment.



To be honest, I haven't withdrawn anything yet, as my plan is to get to 3X on my initial investment before i take anything out, but based on my research, lots of people managed to withdraw with no problem whatsoever.


Instead, after evaluating the platform for over a week, I decided to put a bit more funds into the platform and start trading the LTC/USD pair in addition to the XLM/USD one that I was already trading.

The minimum amount for LTC trading is 1 LTC - currently about 96$.

I had some LTC on one of my wallets with a total amount of 1.31858726 LTC and I decided to send it all to L7Trade.

As I didn't had much time to write an update sooner, I already have over 9 days of statistics to show you with regards to the LTC/USD pair.

As I have mentioned, I initially invested 1.31858726LTC.







Judging by the results i had with the XLM pair, I should be able to get about 3% daily return on my investment - doing about 4 trades per day averaging at about 0.7-0.8% per trade.

With those amazing returns, i should be able to double my money on day 23-24 and triple it on day 37-38.


Crazy Right?!


Perhaps I should say it again.....TRIPLE MY MONEY IN 37 DAYS.


I know it sounds too good to be true, and as I already mentioned in my first post...it could be a huge hoax, that will eventually burst, you know what...it probably will..


I just hope and still believe that it in fact be a legit business, that exploits a real opportunity in the market - the fact is that this opportunity is there to exploit.

And i hope that instead if this platform simply steeling everybodies money, it will slowly grow and provide great and real profits for its investors and eventually, as the cryptocurrency market matures and prices across the various exchanges synchronized, the platform will slowly loose it relevance an eventually close down allowing all the participants to withdraw their not-so-hard-earned-money and move on with their life...


Pipe Dreams?!? Lets see... ;)




So just over 10 days in....starting with just over 1.31 LTC, my initial balance has turned to 1.7695156LTC...



10 days and i already profited over 0.45092834 LTC, equivalent to about 43$ as i write this post.


That is over 34.2% profit....in just 10 days...




According to the daily compound calculator i am right there on the spot...and my profits are fitting the calculation...it means that for now my average 3% daily profits is working like a charm.




If all continues to go is it is, and i dont wake up one day to see a "500 Internal Server Error" message on the website...in about 17 days i will be getting to my target point of 3X on my investment.


I keep pounding my profits...until i get 3X - > get my money out..and keep investing the profits...sounds like a good plan to me :)


Here is a Screenshot of my latest Trade:

1.7519 LTC go in




1.7695 LTC go out....and this 4 times per day :)



See ya next time...

If you think that L7Trade can be of interest to you, I will appreciate if you can sign up using my affiliate link, that will very kind of you and without any cost to you.



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