Girl in the dark

By QueenGG | What are you afraid of? | 9 Nov 2020

"What are you looking at?" Kendra asked, gazing at her husband, whose eyes were focused in the darkest corner of their living room.

Dillon didn't even move, instead, his head turned slowly, with a small light circulating in the corner.

Kendra walked slowly over to him, her eyes fixed on the strange light.
"What the hell," she said, glaring at the back of his head.

Suddenly, Dillon lifted up his index finger, stalling Kendra.

"Dillon," she said, hoping that he would hear her this time.

Dillon's head turned around slowly, and his shoulders stiff.

Kendra's eyes opened weirdly, "You're behaving strangely."

He glared at her as though she was being annoying and turned right back around.

"You know what, I was going to kiss you goodnight, but since you wanna act up, I'm out!" Kendra said, annoyed.

As she turned around, the same small light started circling at the window by the staircase.

"Dillon, what the hell is this light?" she asked, looking around at him.

Turning around slowly to Dillon, she realised he was right behind her, his hands cold as ever, resting on her hand.

"What the hell, why are you so cold?' Kendra asked, shifting her focus to her estranged husband.

He shrugged his shoulders, still not saying one word to her all night.

She held his hands, hoping that he'd follow her upstairs; "Come on, it's late, let's go to bed."

"I'm not tired," Dillon finally said.

Dillon and Kendra

The place then grew darker, the lights in the kitchen started to twitch and the light overhead was blown out.

Dillon starred awkwardly at Kendra, and she found her self doing the same thing.

She tried to move, but she couldn't.

Lifting her hands, was impossible, moving her eyes, impossible.

She wanted to scream, but her lips wouldn't even move.

Dillon started laughing and pushed her back slowly from him.

Kendra had no idea how she was able to slide across the floor, it was like she had skaters on.

"Dillon!" she yelled, as she slid right back into the kitchen, which was now pitch black.


"You should go to bed Kendra," Dillon said, slowly turning his back to her.

Finally, Kendra was able to move when he turned away from her, and the small circling light disappeared.

Kendra ran up to her room and shut the door.
Something strange was happening, it wasn't just Dillon, but the house was starting to give her the creeps.

She didn't even care that Dillon wasn't in bed with her, she locked the door and crawled under her sheets.


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23 year old Marine Biologist and Romance Novelist Avid Writer and Technical Researcher.

What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?

We're all terrified of different things and we often find ourselves judging the fears of others. Why? because they may fear things that we like and vise versa. The point is, we're all afraid of something. It gives us the chills and we try to avoid any activity or moment that may involve that fear. Outside of Phobias there are alot of different things we're afraid to try in life. In this blog we'll be exploring many inspirational ways to open up to change, and gain advantage over your life.

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