Water Is Life

By CollinsLil | CollinsLil | 3 Sep 2020


Water is a colourless,odourless and tasteless liquid that has being in existence before the creation of mankind.

It's a source of living and without water life is unstable,unexistable and will be useless.So which means water is life and we all as living things needs water to exist.

Further more,as we all know water occupies 90% of the entire universe which are divided into different cartigories which are : the oceans,sea,lake,channel,river, stream,well ,damns etc..

There are basically two types of water

Which are:hard water and soft water.

Importance Of Water

*Water is needed for the body system of man to digest food properly.

*Water is a source of living for man and aquatic animals.

*Water helps our crops and vegetations to grow properly.

*Water serves as solutions for making products and other experiments in the laboratories and Industries.

*Water is used in our homes for domestic services .

*Water is used as form of channels and springs for decoration.

*Water serves as a means of transportation to man and animals.

*Water is used for recreational activities.

*Water also serves as a source of generating electricity.

*Water is needed in our hospitals, churches, offices and other commercial places for a comfortable and effective development.

*Lastly, water is everything about life!


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