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Sunday reflections INTERNET 3.0

By Klo | collaborative economy | 3 May 2020



Let's see how I explain it, we assume that Google, Facebook; whatsapp, instagram, messenger. Amazon, Apple, spy on our identity, what searches we do, where we are, what we like, how much we spend, who we talk to ...

Well, we tend to think that we are not important, it is a general line of thought regarding privacy policies and we allow it, now that they also know our face, by facial recognition, they have our voice, our contacts, our calendar, all the conversations of our messaging systems, email, all the photos uploaded and even our fingerprint, if you use it to unlock your smartphone.

Google offers all its products for free because the money is earned by selling the data it collects with those applications.
He doesn't sell your data to anyone, that data is only his, but he uses it for personalized ads and other campaigns when a company hires google services.
They protect themselves by saying "the information that is collected is anonymous" but that has no value since to sell you "something" or "make you believe something", it is enough to announce nothing more than that "that" or that "something".

It is dangerous, if I tell you that Brexit was manipulated by social networks by Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 elections in the US the same. WE ARE BEING HANDLED.

THE POLICY IS ALSO MADE FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE !!!! THE POLICY IS NOT JUST GOING TO VOTE OR HAVE AN IDEOLOGY. In the same way that we buy in neighborhood shops so as not to give power to all multinationals, or in the same way that we look for a garden of trust, buying clothes manufactured or manufactured in a lawful way while keeping their workers in good condition.

I GO DAY BY DAY TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ALL TECHNOLOGY, and in this century that our lives are increasingly connected to the Internet, we must be consistent with the products we use.

To calm things down, Google created a website called if you have never adjusted privacy in My Google Activity enter and there you can delete the data they have and see tooooooda your activity on the network They even have fragments of audio that they record at random so that the voice commands of the google assistant work.

Google can cause a company to fail or be successful, due to its positioning in search engines.

Artificial intelligence is here, augmented reality and many other applications of AI, for example, when they make us solve a captcha and tell us to mark the images that have traffic lights, we are really training artificial intelligence, indicating where each element is. Thanks to this training, a program is able to see what is in the photos that are uploaded to Facebook, and identifies everything in the photo including your face and mine.

The google assistant is dangerous since it records fragments of your day to day without you knowing.

BIG DATA is the key to everything, and our data is worth billions of dollars, capitalized even more than GOLD. Google and Amazon collect the data of more than a billion people, all that data can be organized in the way they want: which smartphones they buy, which movies and series they watch, which radios, which televisions they buy, which trips they make, the music, books, clothes, what they eat, ... and this is how these large companies create technological leisure and consumer products, based on their data collection.

There are other options and another internet that we know mainly, in which very cool things are brewing and that sooner or later you will have to know, just now you do not want to hear about cryptocurrencies, or collaborative economy, but in a few years all you will have a wallet, or almost any and all.

In the same way that 10 years ago not everyone had an email address and now few people have no email.

Look, I am a technology enthusiast, my first PC was a 286 (it was given to me by my cousin Cármen Berruti) and I had no idea to use it, but I ended up learning to use ms-Dos. I would disconnect the home phone and connect it to the computer to have internet for the year 1992/93/94 or so.
I installed windows 3.11 with 25 diskettes, I knew Netscape what it was, napster, and I would not even be 13 years old. Before google in 1998 I already knew the internet, INTERNET IS NOT GOOGLE, GOOGLE IS THE INTERNET TELECINCO !!!
I went from 14Kb to 56Kb with ethernet and from there to a rdsi line of 128 after adsl of 256Kb of 1Mb and so until today I have 100Mb. I have always used the internet as a form of art and expression.
My first smartphone was an HTC Hero, I bought it in 2009 at the end, because my comparison Jose freaked me out with an app in the summer. Here in Jerez, no god knew what the hell a smartphone was in 2009. We used Android 1.0. and a lot of people kept writing character polytones.

Internet 3.0

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