Speaking Of Coins #2

By funnel | Coinysteria | 26 May 2020

Here we are again reviewing another silver may find it interesting, we are talking about the 1 oz 999 Fine Silver Aztec Calendar - Cuauhtemoc coin...the 2018 release has been gone out of stock in most sites and i think it is not so easy to find it on the market anymore...maybe that's the reason a new release has been scheduled for the 29th of this month and pre-sales are open already...

1 oz .999 Fine Silver Aztec Calendar Coin

...Οn the front side of the coin you can see an iconic design based on the authentic world famous Aztec Calendar stone as it is displayed on the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico!
...check on the's spectacular!!!


...In the back side you can see the left portrait of Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec Emperor of Tenochtitlan...really nice and detailed as well!!!


...out of some small experience, i can declare that if you hold the real coin in your hands it will look much better than the pictures above...
...the price of this USA MADE coin fluctuates between 21US $ to 35US $ without the shipping costs so if you wanna get your hands in one of these try to register for the pre-sale available

...actually i'm thinking of getting one of these coins before they get out of stock again!!!...

...originally posted on leofinance ...also shared on my steemit and publish0x blogs

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