Sense Chat - A messenger unlike any other (Earn SENSE daily!)

By CoinSteps | Crypto - Guides | 10 Oct 2020

The world is becoming decentralized.

Sense Chat is a Blockchain messenger that brings privacy and value to messaging. This is the first provably secure, crypto-enabled messaging platform. You can read here the White Paper.

This is a project that I watched it for a long time and checked closely its progress. A few days ago, the beta version released. I started testing it out right away. I am so excited to support this amazing project. 

Sense Chat is simply a better messenger. A safe, secure platform where you can chat privately with your contacts and earn daily SENSE Token rewards. Chat with friends and followers, participate in online communities, and earn cryptocurrency daily.

SENSE token

SENSE is a cryptocurrency utility token that enables communication, transfer of value, verification of users identities, block bots/spam, and a tool for empowering communities on Sense Chat.


You can earn SENSE daily. By posting great content, being active in your community daily, contributing SENSE to channels, and requiring SENSE for others to direct message you.

Also, make sure to  turn on your Earning Rate right when you get into Sense Chat. Head over to activity and you are done for the day. Remember that it turns off every 24 hours, so don't forget to turn it back on daily! During Early Access the Earning Rate is increased so take advantage of earning more SENSE now!


You can spend SENSE by vouching for someone! This proves they are real people and not bots, and helps secure a community, preventing bots and spam from distrubing it.

You can also contribute SENSE to the existing communities! This powers up the community, and help it to be ranked higher, and increasing how much SENSE you can earn daily.

SENSE can also be used to reward a message. When you choose to reward a message that in your opinion ot brings value, it increase its visibility in the community.

SENSE on exchanges

SENSE is listed already on multiple exchanges. There are plans to get listed on more popular exchanges soon.

Request a Feature

As the Early Access to Beta version continues, everyone can submit a feature request. That way the core team of Sense Chat will check what needs improvement, and it is quite important that it gives a great basis to the opinion of its users.

Once you submit a feature request, every user ot the app, can vote whether they agree if it should be added or not. You can vote on others requests too.


Have you heard before of Sense Chat? What is your opinion about this project?

I see several perspectives in this exciting project to fully succeed!

I created a community named CoinSteps. Join and there are many featured articles inside!


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