Crypto Winters are best time: My strategy during Bear Markets.

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 13 Jun 2023

Hello Folks,


Welcome back to the episode 4 of 'How to Earn Free Crypto'. My Experience.

In the last episode I mentioned about my realising the fact that crypto has the potential to guarantee me of an everlasting 'Freedom of Money', and 'This all happened in 2018 when BTC roughly went to $20k'.

But 20k didn't last long as china put a Major ban on crypto the prices started falling like snow flakes and a long winter started. Nobody and nothing could escape the blow, so did I. 

Nevertheless, I went back to my basics and started hoarding a much as possible because I knew and have realised the potential. I knew and chanted daily 'If winter comes, can spring be far behind?'

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While I was accumulating, I slowly, however cautiously, began trying my hands spot and future trading. Although, initially my experience didn't go well but after some time it also started filling up my bag in a more prudent way.

In the process I also put pressure on diversifying my portfolio and it became customary for me that whatever I am holding a 20% is always available in USDT or USDC so that I could buy any of the top 10 coins whenever I see a healthy correction. 

In April 2020, my portfolio reached upto 5 BTC which I never thought I could reach. But as it happened I sold  1 Bitcoin to buy me the first luxury in the form of a car and mind it that this is the first thing I bought for me 5 years of patience and perseverance.

I am thankful to God and Nakamato for creating this wonderful world of Cryptocurrency and if it were not there I don't know if I could ever achieve what I had in 2020.

Wondering what happens when winter subsides, definitely it shines better than ever. So stay tuned for the next part and see how sun shines.

Adios ... Ciao.... Bye ... Take care ...

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