Celsius Network drops New Promo Codes!

Celsius Network, the popular CeFi platform that guarantees luscious returns on many cryptocurrencies, has launched its new promotional codes.

What are these codes? These are additional revenue opportunities for new and old Celsius users. In particular, by inserting a Promo Code in the appropriate section of the user profile, it is possible to obtain a reward by depositing liquidity on the platform. Celsius Network usually changes its codes periodically, proposing different solutions and then rewarding users sometimes even with hundreds of dollars each.
Anyone who has read my article on this platform and has been informed already knows that it is a regulated body and that offers sustainable annuities. In addition, it will soon also implement the possibility of swapping between one crypto and another.

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To access the earning opportunities offered by this platform on annuities and promotions, it is necessary to have a profile. The steps to create it are really simple and fast:

1. Use this link to go to Celsius websiy (you can also download the app for your Apple iphone or Android Smartphone):


2. Choose to sign up with your email, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

3. Enter your name and email.

4. Enter the Celsius Network referral code: 1127876f60 in the box and click "submit".

5. Enter your account information and verify it with a document. 

6. In your profile tab select "Promo Codes".

7. Enter all promo codes that you may use.

8. Follow the directions to recieve your bonuses.


In addition to these codes, those relating to the first filing also remain in force, such as:

  • HODL10: Deposit at least $100 of any supported asset and receive $10 in BTC (hold 30 days)
  • HODL50: Deposit at least $400 of any supported asset and receive $50 in BTC (hold 30 days)
  • HODL500: Deposit at least $25,000 of any supported asset and receive $500 in BTC (hold 90 days)
  • HODL2K: Deposit at least $250,000 of any supported asset and receive $2500 in BTC (hold 90 days)




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