A Modern Super Hero

A Modern Super Hero

Today I want to tell you a story that will seem familiar..

"In the city banks, some strange individuals have not been seen for some time. They are thought to be shady people, living in the shadows and part of the criminal underworld, which is why they have to rely on digital currencies rather than institutions such as banks. In reality, these are people like us, who we do not know because they do not want to be known and who have some characteristics that make it a little more "super".


I must say that their full title is superheroes, since we mere mortals are often unable to carry out their deeds.

The chronicles report few details about them, but we know for sure that they have laser eyes with which they see a better future, and diamond hands with which they cling to their hope. That's not all: some claim to have heard them talk to each other about something that will make it to the moon, but it is not clear whether it was a missile or a spaceship.


For their characteristic of knowing how to hold something tight, we will call them HODLERs.

Today we know that their wallets are full of Bitcoins and they are holding them tight. We also know that they care about privacy because it guarantees citizens a fundamental right: freedom. These modern superheroes are the ones who will lead us to a new way of interpreting economic independence, privacy and global monetary policy. They had the merit of believing in it from the beginning and for this I admire them."



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