Is Stray Dogs an Instant Classic?

By TheCoinClique | Coin's Comic Corner | 27 Feb 2022


If I had to pick one bone-chilling story that I have read that has really left me feeling emotionally connected to the characters... Well, then I think that I would obviously have to pick Stray Dogs. I mean, what can I say..? Tony Fleecs and Trish Forster have really done something special here. The story really reminds me of another time. A time when the newest content available was actually fresh and unique, as I feel that nowadays "new content" is often just remakes of predated content. What I'm trying to say is that, to me... Stray Dogs is an instant classic... and to fall into that category, the book has got to be so much more than just a story. It has to provide three main things in my opinion. So let's talk about what specific components are needed to help transform an ordinary story into something so much deeper than that. 

1. Artwork


The first thing that stood out about this series to me, was the crisp pages and the beautiful cartoons drawn all over them. In fact, the art style is more youthful and playful than anything else that I have ever seen from over at Image Comics, and so that may have been what initially drew me in. I also really feel like each pup is drawn with so much expression and personality, that you almost start to feel as if you know the character that you are reading about as if it was your own dog standing right at your feet! Plus each issue has many variant covers available for purchase and so a lot of the artwork on the books allude to/pay homage to many beloved pop culture films, such as Silence of the Lambs and other horror films/thrillers!




2. Characters/Traits


The next component found in this story is the strong build of characters that are used, and the unique traits that each specific one carries. I felt that since there were so many characters in this story, it could have gone one of two ways. Well, I'm glad to say that in this case, using a slightly larger bunch of characters actually helped set a sense of community and even at times, some tension amongst the characters and in the end, it made for one hell of a wrap! 

3. Plot Twists

The last component found in this book, that helps it become an instant classic to me, is the way that the writer was able to sneak in so many little plot twists to keep surprising the reader around every corner. I mean as I read some of these pages I nearly jumped! This writer was able to keep me turning the pages and following along in search of answers to the horrific mystery at hand! 


Wrap up

So without spoiling anything, Stray Dogs is an amazing story where the characters truly do come to life right in front of you. Each page holds shocking details and there are even a few plot twists that can literally leave you teary-eyed. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who is interested in reading about puppies that are attempting to solve a murder mystery case. 


Stray Dogs

Created by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forster

Image Comics



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