Homage to Todd

By TheCoinClique | Coin's Comic Corner | 17 Apr 2022

Who is The Red Sonja? This was a question I had been asking myself for a while now... Just about every week when I head over to my local comic book store, I find myself looking at the "Red Sonja" comics. Now If you know anything about my taste in comic books, then you would know that I am fascinated with the "Spawn" series by Todd Mcfarlane. I love the artwork by him so much... So it is very easy to appreciate homage work. And so when I saw these Todd tribute covers that dynamite released... I knew it was finally time to meet the Red Sonja, and even Pantha.


And as a matter of fact, it seems like there have been a lot of Todd Homage Covers being released lately. Just as I was google searching for the images above, I found some of these other cool Todd homage covers of some different comic book stories. (YES, SOME ARE BY TODD) So come on, let's check them out below! 


I have been collecting most of these Todd homage covers already but now I'm eager to grab the rest of the covers that I wasn't already aware of!
When you know what you are looking for... It is so easy to spend ALL of your money. Looks like I better budget it out and pace my spending HAHA. 

See ya next time, on Coins Comic Corner!

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