Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX
Now Convert Your Dust INTO WRX

Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 27 Nov 2020

WazirX added a new use case in its native Token WRX and this is one of the most awaited features on WazirX Exchange.

According to the WazirX announcement, Now Users can convert dust Into WRX.

    What is the meaning of Dust in the Crypto world?

Dust Token:- Very Small amount of Crypto Token which you cant Trade as well as withdraw. So you have crypto but you can't use it🤣. But Now WazirX users will able to use these unusable Dust

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How To Convert Dust into WRX?

There are 100+ Crypto Tokens available on WazirX to Trade. I'm sure you have some amount of Dust In your favorite crypto Exchanges. But The Good News for WazirX users They can Convert Their Dust Into WRX. Dust conversion is available for WazirX Web, Android, and iOS! So Clean Dust 🧹 with WazirX.   You can convert your dust into WRX by Following these Steps.

For Web Users


    • login to Your WazirX account and go to the fund Section.
    • Click on Convert To WRX Button

Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX (WazirX Native Token )


      • Now select Tokens that You want to convert and click on Convert.

  Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX (WazirX Native Token )


For app Users 📱.


    • Go To the Fund section and Click the Profile Setting icon.

Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX (WazirX Native Token )  

    • Now Click On Convert Dust Button

Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX (WazirX Native Token )

    • Now Select Which Token You Want To Convert and Then Click on Convert Button.

Now Convert Your Dust Into WRX (WazirX Native Token ) App guide


Boom 💥 it's Done!


Now You can use WRX to Trade, Withdraw, trading fee discount, and For Airdrops.


Create a WaazirX account To Buy Crypto

  Remark:- You can convert balances with a total (combined) valuation below 10 USDT to WRX once every 24 hours. Make sure you’re not hiding small balances This article May Contains Affiliate links. For more info read Our affiliate disclosure. here     Love This article Then share it With your Friends 😇



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