How to Claim Your Free 400 UNI worth of $1000
Claim Your Free Uniswap Toekn

How to Claim Your Free 400 UNI worth of $1000

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 18 Sep 2020

How to Claim Your Free UNI tokens worth of $1000


We all Know about Uniswap the Popular Dex runs on Ethereum blockchain that help us Token Swap without any mediators basically it is a decentralized Exchange.


Uniswap is the first choice for any Crypto developer/ Project to launch 🚀  their IEO or PreSale has Started rewarding its user by their newly created native  TOKEN called UNI.


Sorry to Say we will discuss about UniSwap in our other article, in this article we will learn How to claim Free UNI tokens.


If You have Used UNISWAP before 2 September 2020 then you have a chance to get at least 400 UNI TOKENS.


Open Your Chrome or Brave Browser (Desktop users 👥 )

  • Open Your Chrome or Brave Browser (Desktop users 👥 )



  • Connect with your Metamask or any other previously used Wallet with Uniswap.


  • Click on “Claim your UNI tokens”.


  • Confirm the Transaction (make sure you check the Gas Price)



  • Congrats You Got Your UNI TOKEN.


NOTE:- ETH GAS FEE is too high.

Using UNISWAP before 2 SEP 2020


Want To Trade UNI Here are some Top CEX where you can withdraw your UNI and Trade.






Don't forget to share it with Your friends so that they can claim their UNI rewards. 🥳


Happy Earning CoinLovers.

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