Binance added BNB Hashflag on Twitter
Finance added Hashflag

Binance added BNB Hashflag on Twitter

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 2 Jul 2020

Binance the largest crypto exchange by Volume has added BNB emoji on Twitter 🥳


Bitcoin is the First Cryptocurrency to get its emoji on Twitter. If you noticed or not whenever you write #️⃣ Bitcoin or BTC on Twitter then bitcoin emoji will add into your Tweet 🐦  and this feature is named Hashflag not Hashtag.


According to Adweek, Twitter is charging millions of dollars for adding a Hasflag. Since Hashflag can boost your Twitter presence and it is a great way to market your product on Twitter whenever your followers use your company's Hashflag then it also attracts other people to use Hashflags. There are many companies like Samsung Spotify.


 Twitter's Custom emoji feature is not permanent. They only exist for the champion period like you can't see  #BATMAN Hashflag.


The first free Hasflag taker is none other than our lovely Bitcoin yeah Whenever You Type Bitcoin or BTC using # then it converts into Hashflag and you can Bitcoin Logo 😊 The interesting thing about Hashflag is it doesn't matter you write the Name in the capital, small or mixup Hashflag will be visible if you write the correct word. example if you use #BTC #bTc #Btc always you see a bitcoin logo 🤨


After Bitcoin, the Popular Crypto Exchange has jumped into twitter's Hashflag and you can check it by typing #CRO


Binance became the third from the crypto industry and second as a Crypto Exchange to add it's Hashflag on Twitter 🐦.

Don't have Binance Account signup (refer link ) 

So Whenever you #BNB then you will see BNB Logo there.


What do you think about Hashflags Did you used any 🤫 then tell us


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