The Dynamic Features of the Authoreon Ecosystem

By 9jaflick | Coinloaded | 24 Sep 2019 is a German based company with the goal of decentralizing authentication, certification, authorization and verification. It mode of operates is based on Ethereum blockchain (smart contract), an open source censorship resistant and distributed computing platform, Authoreon platform has its own currency (AUN-Token) which serves as the primary mechanism responsible for running of Authoreon Ecosystem, it gives everyone on it network the liberty to self managed identity, and the traceability of product from it production stage to it finishing stage down to final consumers.


The Authoreon Ecosystem is made of several mechanisms of which includes;

  • Blockchain
  • Synapse
  • Access Lock
  • Authoreon Identity (A-ID) of which includes; Traceability, Tracking, Authentication, and Authorization system.
  • AUN-Token, Not to mention but few.



as we know, supply chain has become complicated. Some would say cumbersome. It takes days to make a payment between a manufacturer and a supplier, or a customer and a vendor while using our traditional system. Contractual agreements require the services of lawyers and bankers, each of which adds extra cost and delay. Products and parts are often hard to trace back to suppliers, making defects challenging to eliminate.
By utilizing Blockchain technology we have been able to address issues rising within the supply, retail and ownership chain industry. With the help of blockchain, every entity in the Authoreon-Network chain knows where each asset originated. It also knows who owned such assets before and at what time.

Blockchain allows the transfer of funds anywhere in the world without the need for traditional banking transactions, as transactions are made directly between payer and payee. It is also secure and rapid; taking minutes, compared to days for automated clearing house payments. What works for the Bitcoin network also works for any other blockchain network, supply chain included. And this is why we have adopted this technology


A smart contract on the other hand is a software program that uses blockchain to execute an agreement. The program is stored on the blockchain so the smart contract functions according to its programming. No fraud or other interference is possible. To guarantee security for all users, smart contract were deployed into the Authoreon Network to ensure maximum security goal, and to reduce all forms of high cost relating to transactions within the Authoreon platform. To bring these to play, the Authoreon Synapse was developed.

The synapse is a mechanism in the Authoreon network whose primary function is to store data’s and verifies users’ identity within the Authoreon platform.

Authoreon Access Lock

The Access Controller or Locker determines whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it declares itself to be, the access locker acts as the gatekeeper, for processing incoming requests to the synapse layer and granting temporary access if the requesting instance is authorized.
It authenticating and authorizing every activity on the network. The terms authentication and authorization are often used interchangeably; while they may often be implemented together the two functions are distinct. While authenticating, it validate the identity of a registered user before allowing access to the protected resource, and while authorizing it validates that the authenticated user has been granted permission to access the requested resources. The process by which access to those resources is restricted to a certain number of users is known as access control or access lock.

Authoreon Identity (A-ID)

A-ID is made of software and hardware device developed technological features of blockchain and it functions on blockchain technology.
The A-ID is the first machine readable optical label on blockchain with an optical micro-scan that allows the verification of counterfeiting products against the original ones.

A-ID for Traceability of Products

Now more than ever, people are becoming more conscious about the products they consume. When it comes to food, consumers want to know where ingredients come from, if they’re organic and non-GMO, or if they’re ethically sourced. Food manufacturing is just one example of an industry where traceability is highly beneficial and required. There is no question that food traceability is important for everyone in the food industry. This includes manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.
The main concern of any traceability system is public health. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, nearly 48 million people in the US contract a foodborne illness each year. Out of this number, more than 127,000 are hospitalized with 3,000 people dying each year.
While it is impossible to stop food contamination completely, we can significantly lower the risk with an effective food traceability system. Everyone in the industry is responsible for ensuring that food products are safe for public consumption.

Using Authoreon traceability system for your business, you can identify any of your product’s current location. You will also be able to record, verify, and track a product’s entire history through the supply chain.
If an issue arises in your supply chain, the Authoreon tracking system can be used to trace where that product originated. For instance, if certain products turn up damaged in one area but are intact in another, you can easily identify the areas in which you should begin your investigation.

How it Works


The Authereon Nanolense is a hardware device that is use as an extension on mobile phones, it capture, scan and authenticate the genuineness of any products within the supply, retail and ownership chain.

Upon using the Nanolense; accredited suppliers and retailers on the Authoreon platform will be given a special A-ID of which they will have to display these A-IDs on their online or offline shop, consumers will have to capture and scan the A-ID of the suppliers or retailers before buying product. Upon the scanning of the product, the Nanolense will detect and transmit every details associated with the product, whether its genuine or counterfeited.

Authoreon- Nanolense will enable businesses to identify the source of all inputs — such as raw materials, additives, other ingredients and packaging — on the basis of “one step forward and one step back” at any point in the supply chain. This system will enables food businesses to target the product(s) involved in a food-safety problem, thereby minimizing disruption to trade and reducing potential public health risks.
Authoreon- Nanolense system will help isolate and prevent contaminated products reaching consumers in the event of a product recal

A-ID Tracking and Management System

The Authoreon Tracking system is designed to maximize your food traceability; you can effectively track everything from raw food ingredients to finished products in real time, no matter where they are in the distribution process. The tracking system will also minimize and reduce your losses and avoid recalls because the tracking system allows you to monitor your products’ expiry dates. You can identify expired products and take appropriate action by stopping the sales of your expired products to your customers.

Furthermore, Authoreon-tracking system will help you manage your inventory more efficiently. You’ll be able to automate and streamline your inventory processes. This saves you time and helps you reduce human error associated with manual record keeping.


During authentication, credentials provided by the user are compared to those on file in a database of authorized users' information through authentication server. If the credentials match, and the authenticated entity is authorized to use the resource, the process is completed and the user is granted access.

Authoreon-Authentication technology provides access control for systems by checking to see if a user's credentials match the credentials in a database of authorized users in Synapse authentication server.
Many companies use authentication to validate users who log into their websites. Without the right security measures, user data, such as credit and debit card numbers, as well as Social Security numbers, could get into the hands of cybercriminals.


The aim of Authoreon authentication systems is to guarantee that an entity attempting to access protected resources is genuine. In concrete terms, this consists of preventing two main types of attack, both of which may have serious consequences:

  • Fraudulent access to a system, allowing access to sensitive data

  • Identity theft, which may result in an innocent individual being considered to be responsible for the actions of the attacker.

Identity theft presents a major threat, both for companies, which may suffer serious consequences in terms of both finances and reputation, and for users, who may become implicated in illegal acts committed by the usurper of their identity. A-ID authentication systems present significant resistance to identity theft.

The Authoreon-Authorization system grants rights to authenticated users, as well as the process of checking user account permissions to verify that the user has been granted access to those resources. The privileges and preferences granted for the authorized account depend on the user's permissions, which are stored on the Synapse authentication server.

AUN Token

AUN is the traditional token and the primary mechanism that fuel the Authoreon platform, it an Utility Token code on the ethereum network (i.e ERC20 standard token)

Token Usage

AUN is the only token that is used and accepted in the Authoreon platform, it is used to trade and register new assets on the platform, this mean that, to use the any of the Authereon product, you will need to have AUN token as your payment method. AUN can also be used to make inbound and outbound payment as well as cross border transactions

Authereon is currently in the process regulatory from transforming AUN from UtilityTtoken to Payment Token. Once this goal is archived, the next step will be to transform AUN from Payment Token to Security Token; all measure has been put in place to see that all these are archived with the given timeframe.

Benefits of Security Token

As per the terms associated to security token regulations, when AUN is successfully transformed into Security Token, holders of AUN will have access to share profits, dividend, or revenue generated within the Authoreon Ecosystem as the case maybe. More information regarding this will be published when this milestone has been reached.

Trade AUN-Token

AUN is currently trading on Dex exchanges,you can trade, buy or hold AUN Token from any of these following exchanges;
2. forkdelta
3. Tkenjar
4. Etherdelta

Authoreon Dapp launch, it’s on it way! Stay connected by following our media channels for latest news and Dapp launch.



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