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By 9jaflick | Coinloaded | 30 May 2020

Workers and businesses are facing catastrophe, in both developed and developing economies... We have to move fast, decisively, and together. The right, urgent measures could make the difference between survival and collapse.

The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is dealing a severe blow to state economies, businesses and workers

In times like this, employees, especially in the most vulnerable sectors earlier highlighted, need to start looking at options for alternative sources of income in the likely event that layoffs continue. 

For employers that will be in distress, the priority should be survival, and all policies and actions taken must be geared towards that. Should they be forced to lay off staff, all legal bases must be adequately covered to avoid any litigation or additional business risks in the future. Even the reputational damage could be hard to recover from. 

Is the pandemic all bad news?

While the short-term impact may not look very promising, COVID-19 has also presented some opportunities for industry growth that could translate into increased opportunities for employment in the mid – long term. 


Ispolink is a cutting-edge matchmaking platform that is designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges nowadays: sourcing top talents.

Looking at the current situation and challenges faced by companies, due to lock down, Online workers are now urgently needed by companies.

The Right Solution,

Those with skills are welcome to register at of website of ispolink

Ispolink as a platform for manpower, Ispolink will try to help and offer jobs that are as appropriate and as possible as possible, through various sources and provide accurate information. So for those of you who are affected by job losses due to the corona virus pandemic, Ispolink will help you by providing jobs that are in line with your potential.

Among the solutions above, Ispolink is also a platform that has several features, including but not limited to:

Machine Learning,

Installed Crypto Payments,

Easy to use and Customizable Pages, where all of these features will help and clarify what is the function of the Ispolink Platform for its users.

  • Through the Machine Learning feature, This will ensure that users will quickly obtain data and information about the desired employment in order to be integrated into the Platform. Because Ispolink is a workforce platform that uses blockhain and AI technology, so that it will provide services quickly, efficiently and optimally.
  • While the Installed Crypto Payment feature, is a feature that describes the assets owned by applicants so that they can easily sell their assets to the Ispolink Platform. Because the Ispolink Platform will provide secure services for its users.
  • Apart from this feature there is another Easy to use feature. Where through this feature users can easily get access to the platform, so job seekers can easily get info about the jobs they want quickly.
  • Now I will explain the last feature about the Ispolink Platform, which is the Adjusted Page feature. This feature describes the relationships that the Ispolink Platform has to employers who need workers to be placed in accordance with the respective expertise of job seekers. 


The Goal,

Actually, if seen from the features offered, it is clear that the Ispolink Platform aims to provide maximum service to job seekers in order to get a decent income and for the welfare of job seekers. And by utilizing blockhain and AI technology, it can Help find jobs that match expertise from each job seeker automatically, quickly and transparently.

Benefits If You Join In the Ispolink Platform :

  • Through blockhain and AI technology, you will easily and quickly get a job
  • Through the Ispolink Platform, you will get a job that suits your expertise.
  • By having broad access to various companies, Ispolink will get a plus, from companies seeking labor
  • You will easily get income through the sale of assets that you have in return for your hard work so far at the company where you work by selling your assets into the Ispolink Platform.

The Core Purpose From The Ispolink Platform,

The Ispolink Platform is a job search platform that has the function of fostering, controlling and supervising in the field of employment and providing training for prospective workers to have special expertise in accordance with the demands of the labor seekers and providing broad employment opportunities with the aim to improve public services, in providing service to its users widely and progressively.

The Team

And more

And more......


Ispolink strive to empower not only employees, but also employers, and companies to fill their positions by providing them a full spectrum of tools to conduct and manage the whole hiring process efficiently – from candidate screening, through the various stages of interviews until the final offer, all of which can be executed within the platform.

For more details please visit and of the links below 

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