We're Giving Away $100 DAI to 5 lucky winners!
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We're Giving Away $100 DAI to 5 lucky winners!

By CoinGecko | CoinGecko Publish0x Blog | 11 Mar 2020

Suggest a new term to our Glossary, stand a chance to win DAI! It's that simple!


What is ATH, BTFD, DAO or FUD? Crypto acronyms and terms are scary and can be quite complicated. But we're here to help! Introducing CoinGecko's Glossary which explains various terms in the context of crypto.

As we're just starting out this glossary, the book is quite thin. To fix that, we're asking the help of our users and fan to add to the content! If you see a term which has not been included in the glossary yet, just do the following to stand a chance to win from 100 DAI that we have prepared.

  1. Follow @coingecko on Twitter
  2. Tweet to us a term to add to our Glossary on this tweet at: https://twitter.com/coingecko/status/1237657124991160320
  3. Like & Retweet the same tweet as above https://twitter.com/coingecko/status/1237657124991160320

Giveaway ends 16 Mar 2020 10am UTC. Good luck!

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