Bitcoin Halving happening in less than 1000 blocks! We will ask experts what will happen...

Bitcoin Halving happening in less than 1000 blocks! We will ask experts what will happen...

We at have been tracking and eagerly waiting the Bitcoin Halving event. As you may know, a halving event is when the emission rate of a Proof of work coin gets reduced by 50%. In the case of bitcoin, this is to ease the bitcoin network into an eventual fully-fee based financial system. This happens every 210,000 bitcoin blocks which translates to roughly 4 years. This means the upcoming halving will be bitcoin's 3rd ever halving since its birth.

If you want to quickly check how much time left before the halving occur, head over to for a page we whipped up for your reference.

bitcoin halving countdown 2020

What to expect for the halving?

Those who are directly affected would be the miners and mining pools, whom will see a direct reduction of bitcoin mined as the network reaches halving block. On the other hand, historically we have seen that halving events are followed by tumultuous price swings as the market readjusts to bitcoin's new inflation rate. Will this happen again in 7 days? This is where you may have been aware of the "Priced In" meme circulating around various crypto-circles.

Of course, this may only be surface level, there may be greater ramifications to this event than meets the eye...

What you think of Bitcoin Halving?

Come join us in our second ever virtual meetup as we share our thoughts on the Bitcoin halving. We're also inviting key people in the space to discuss their thoughts about the upcoming halving (or is it "halvening"?)

bitcoin halving virtual meetup


Register for the event here (free)


Ask your questions to the experts

Have any questions you want to ask about Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Technology, Halving, and all things Bitcoin? These are some "Insiders" we've invited who will share their thoughts and even answer some good questions! We'll also collate the questions you ask here on Publish0x in case you're unable to join the meetup. Check your timezones here.


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