CoinGecko Podcast Ep. 3 - Interview with Sandeep Naiwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network

CoinGecko Podcast Ep. 3 - Interview with Sandeep Naiwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network

In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Sandeep Naiwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network. Bobby interviewed Sandeep on the story behind Matic Network, how it aims to solve scalability issues, as well as some recent issues surrounding Matic Network and the crypto industry in India. 

[00:00:02] Intro
[00:01:07] Background on Sandeep Naiwal
[00:05:50] What is Matic Network?
[00:12:56] Layer 0 solutions and its place in the ecosystem
[00:15:41] Layer 2 solutions for post Eth 2.0
[00:18:13] How much TPS can Matic support?
[00:19:09] Will Matic work on other blockchains?
[00:20:06] Use case of Matic
[00:28:32] Matic tokens on ERC 20 and BEP 2
[00:29:38] Matic’s experience with Binance Launchpad
[00:33:50] Reaction to Dec 10 price drop
[00:41:59] Crypto landscape in India
[00:45:05] Where to follow the Matic team

Quotes from the Episode:

“The [Matic Mainnet] is expected to be released by Q1.” [00:21:55]

“If you don’t know how margin trading and leverage trading work, please do not get engage with [margin trading], because that’s the only time you will lose money as a day trader.” [00:41:45]

“Bitcoin is not banned in India, they are just recommended that it’s risky, so the retail people should be very careful about it.” [00:43:27]


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