Will Ethereum break the $ 500 barrier? This is my expectation! (Updated)

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 2 Sep 2020

Before you read:

If you expect to read an analytical article talking about resistance points, charts, and other terms, then allow me to tell you: this does not exist .. and this article is not to guide you to make any decision whether to buy or sell... nor to extract advice from it for investment. Or otherwise... The author of this article (I mean me) does not bear any responsibility in any way for any decision you take after reading the article...

You alone bear responsibility for your decisions... Now you can start reading the article with my greeting you.

Why did you stop expecting Ethereum prices ?!

Since the start of the price rise of Ethereum, I have written several articles about it .. and in every article I expected something.. and my expectation was true .. and this is what encouraged me to continue... but it seems that the beginning was wrong .. I cited an article by another writer from another site... I admit now this was a mistake ... not because what I did was wrong ... but because it was not appreciated and respected by the other party who I republished his article!

This article that I am talking about caused the freezing of my authoring privileges .. because it violates the terms of publishing in Publish0x, and although the rest of my articles were my own, and the expectations in it were my own too... However, Publish0x dealt severely and banned my articles in which I expect Ethereum prices!

After restoring my account and resuming the publishing process ... I decided to stop expecting Ethereum prices ... but something happened that made me backtrack about that.

What happened to I go back to my expectations?

What simply happened is that when I discovered that my account as an author was suspended, I was writing a new article about Ethereum .. but unfortunately, it was not published...

I had expected in one of my articles (fortunately it was not banned) that Ethereum would break the $ 400 barrier and reach 410, and the next day the coin had already reached this number and exceeded it to reach 421 dollars...

I expected that Ethereum would continue to rise to reach $ 430, but its price arrived at $ 440 ..!

My last Ethereum price prediction!

My last price prediction for Ethereum (in my unpublished article) was that the currency was starting to become a driving locomotive...

Therefore, there is no longer a brake on Ethereum .. it will continue its launch without being stopped...


  • Ethereum price at the time of publishing this article on Publish0x!

I think the next step is to break the $ 500 barrier!

(Of course, Ethereum price has not reached that number until now)

This is normal .. in light of what the cryptocurrency market is witnessing in general from a bullish wave.

I expect the rise to continue even beyond $ 500 .. because it is not a contrived rise .. it is the result of the boom and large expansion of the decentralized finance market (DeFi), which relies on Ethereum to pay transaction fees... It is enough to know that daily transactions on Ethereum have exceeded one million and 200 thousand transactions last August, which is a huge number compared to less than 500 thousand daily transactions before that!

Add to that speculative enthusiasts .. they buy when the price falls .. then it rises .. and when it reaches the fulfillment of their (supposed) ambitions, they sell and it falls again... The difference between the ups and downs is their profit .. and they repeat this constantly... Therefore, the price will remain volatile for a long time .. and the wave will remain in an uptrend. Nobody knows precisely how far it can reach!

One final note (Update):

Do not worry when you see a drop in the price of Ethereum .. And always remember that the price before the rising wave was $ 280..and this number has never returned to Ethereum since the start of the bullish wave.
It is a wave as I say .. it rises and then goes down... But its decline is just a return to the water level, which is already high .. Do you understand me?

And when the wave descends, it is actually preparing for another round of rising and rising.
In other words, the decline is nothing but a willingness to rise.

This is what speculators are working on... They are waiting for the highest point of decline to start buying, and at that time the rise will start again .. And at the highest (expected) high point they sell and the decline begins again...

Therefore, I expect the next wave of the rally will exceed the $ 500 figure we are talking about...

but when will this happen?
Neither I, nor you, nor anyone can define this moment ... even if I think it will happen in a soon.. very soon.

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