CryptoPedia: A simplified encyclopedia of cryptocurrencies... To learn beginners how to get the most promising coins

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 16 Sep 2020

What is CryptoPedia?

It is an attempt to develop an accessible and useful encyclopedia for beginners that addresses all-important, attractive, popular, and new cryptocurrencies.
This is a classification for us .. meaning that we will divide the currencies into several divisions, as shown in the following table:

Don't expect to find a professional cryptocurrency explanation:

This encyclopedia aims to introduce the most important existing cryptocurrencies ... especially those that you can earn it from performing simple tasks.
Do not expect to find a specialized explanation of the currency ... such as the scientific basis for its creation ... its method of operation ... its charts and analysis ... etc. etc. etc.
This is not the aim of these articles (CryptoPedia) ... but the goal is for beginners to know what currencies are available that they can obtain and accumulate (store) in order to trade by it later, freeze them, or invest it and achieve negative profits from them...
Therefore, we are talking about currencies in a way that benefits beginners .. And it may benefit professionals at times. And at the end of the episodes of this series, maybe converted it into a free book for the benefit of all.

2 currencies per week:

I will publish two articles in this series every week so that one currency is dealt with in each article...
I will not follow a certain method for that... meaning that the only commitment will be writing about two currencies every week... But the choice of the two currencies will not be subject to a specific standard (such as the Rank of the currency, For example, price it, or the volume of dealings on them ... etc.).
The currency's techniques will not be explained .. but it will be defined through a simplified presentation, as well as ways to obtain it, whether by buying it or winning it from free profit sites (in exchange for watching ads or performing simple tasks).

Don't wait for advice or direction to make a decision:

Of course, you will not wait - dear reader - providing you with advice on buying, selling, or investing.
Do not expect to guide you in making any decisions through the series of articles that I will publish.
All that I will post will be aimed at educating you and making it easier for you, so that you know the existing currencies and how to obtain them.
But any decision to buy, sell, or invest in a particular currency in any way is up to you only..and you alone will bear the results of this decision, and neither I nor my article will bear any responsibility for making your decision, whatever its results.

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Ahmed Zaki
Ahmed Zaki

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Cryptocurrencies news, new tokens, and price changes .. This blog may be useful for professionals .. but it will definitely be useful for beginners in the field of cryptocurrency profit and invest.

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