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By pitabone | CoinClass | 8 Nov 2020

Earn Crypto with Coinbase tutorials. 

You can win between $50 and $100 by doing the coin tutorials, watching videos on Coinbase


Here are the tasks to follow:

1.Download Coinbase and create your account, with the download link below you will earn 10 dollars when you reach 100 dollars in your account.

Descarga Coinbase

2.Check your email and ID, and Make a deposit if you wish, you don't need to, this will cause your Coinbase level to go up and you don't have any limits.

3.Access the tutorials to earn coins, then I'll leave you the invitation links to avoid waiting lists for the main courses.

Earn Compound


Earn Stellar

4.You can also earn more coins in the Rewards section and also when Coinbase adds a currency as operable.

5.Verification of your documents sometimes takes a couple of days. Until it's all verified, you'll be on the waiting list for the courses. If you have the highest level in Coinbase, they give you very fast access.

6.How to get high level?

It is not sometimes necessary to be able to access the courses. But if you have it, you'll get it faster.

You must meet two requirements:

 - Pass document verification correctly

 - Make some movement in your wallets, either by making an initial deposit or by transferring coins from an external wallet.

I was already a Coinbase user and I was surprised to see this gift, it really works and you can try it, as I said, no deposit and patience with the waiting lists, it also works are having to deposit any money.

Try it, folks.


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