High payout faucet - 1.6653 BTC in 5 years

High payout faucet - 1.6653 BTC in 5 years

By Potaball | Coinchase | 8 Jul 2020

What is it?

Yes, it is Coinchase. Originally, we should call it check-in reward rather than faucet. 


Normal Link: https://coinchase.com/checkin

Referral Link: https://coinchase.com/checkin?refcode=zqyj3gKF

Disclaimer: When you click on the referral link above and sign up, the referrer (people who refer the others) will get a referral. So, make sure you know what are you doing. Alternatively, you can click on the normal link to go to the destination site.



How to make a claim?

Simply check-in once a day, solve the captcha and you will get your satoshi. The amount of satoshi will greatly depend on your level and the number of days you claim

Every new user will start as Level 1. To up your level, you have to either invite your friends or trade on the platform.



How much you can get per claim?



If you just start, you are Level 1. So, you will only get 2 satoshi for the first day you claim. Then, 4, 6, 8 satoshi for the second, third and fourth day. The claim amount will increase daily as you keep claiming every day just like this:


If you want to get 1.6653 BTC in 5 years, then you have to :

  • Level up to L10 (unless you want to trade, if not, I will recommend you to invite your friends)
  • Keep claiming for 5 years (yes, you cannot stop it, even if one day. If you do, your claim amount will back to the basic: 100 satoshi if you're L10)



What is the minimum withdraw?



As the minimum withdraw and the withdrawal fee in BTC is pretty high. If you want to withdraw, I will recommend to exchange your BTC to other coins. For the lowest minimum withdraw, you can exchange your Bitcoin to Litecoin which only require 0.01 LTC (0.44 USD at the time of writing). While for the lowest withdrawal fee, you can choose those coins other than Bitcoin, Ether and Tether (Binance USD too?).

Alternatively, you can choose not to withdraw, but STAKING (up to 24% APR). I may write another article to explain that. If you're interested, you can check their website for more information.



Any referral reward?

When your referral makes a claim, you get 0% from their claim. Yes, nothing. They did have a referral program, but they don't have any effect on the check-in reward beside your level.




  • User can only claim once a day
  • No ad
  • High payout for high level
  • Claim amount increase as you claim more




  • Have to claim daily to keep the claim amount increase (if not it will drop to basic)
  • Low payout for low level
  • No referral commission 
  • High minimum withdraw and withdrawal fee for BTC (of course, just exchange to other coins and you can solve it)



Do I withdraw before?

Sorry to say that, no. I claimed in total 3800 satoshi and exchange them to Coinchase Token (CCH) just to try their Staking Program. Currently, my CCH tokens are still in the staking balance (lock-up). 




I found that it is mandatory to do KYC before withdrawing any crypto from the website to our wallet.

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