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41.18% of Crypto Projects Announced Fundraising Last Week are Infrastructure

By CoinCarp | CoinCarp News | 28 May 2024

According to CoinCarp Fundraising, Last week (05.19–05.25) 34 projects announced fundraising rounds.


  • Farcaster($150.00M) | Farcaster is a protocol for building decentralized social apps — with participation from 1confirmation, a16z crypto, A_capital, Andreessen Horowitz(a16z), Ansa Capital, Archetype, Balaji Srinivasan, Canonical Crypto, Chapter One, Coinbase Ventures, Elad Gil, First Round Capital, Floodgate, Haun Ventures, Haystack, Mischief, Multicoin Capital, Offline Ventures, Paradigm, Proof Group, Punk 6529, Ray Tonsing, Ribbit Capital, Scalar Capital, Standard Crypto, Standard Crypto, Todd and Rahul’s Angel Fund, Union Square Ventures, Variant, Volt Capital
  • WeatherXM($7.70M) | WeatherXM is a community powered weather network, that rewards weather station owners and provides accurate weather services to Web3 enterprises. — with participation from Alumni Ventures Group, Arca, Borderless Capital, Borderless Capital, ConsenSys Mesh, ConsenSys Mesh, dlab, Eleftherios Diakomichalis, GS Futures, Juan Benet, Pentos Ventures, Metaplanet Holdings, Metaplanet Holdings, Placeholder, Placeholder, Protocol Labs, Protocol Labs, Red Beard Ventures, SOSV, Westerly Ventures
  • Unlockit($1.52M) | Founded in 2020, Unlockit is a Web3 platform for managing property transactions and was recently valued at €6M — with participation from Portugal Ventures, Reorganiza
  • Omakase | Omakase is a Web3 infrastructure provider specializing in validator operation, development, maintenance, and technical consulting services — with participation from Nomura Holdings


  • Kelp DAO($9.00M) | Kelp DAO was founded by Amitej G and Dheeraj B, who have previously founded Stader Labs, a multichain liquid staking platform with $350M+ in TVL — with participation from Bankless Ventures, Cypher Capital, DACM, Draper Dragon, DWF Ventures, GSR, HTX Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Laser Digital, SCB Digital Ventures
  • ELFi Protocol($5.00M) | ELFi stands as a decentralized perpetual contract trading protocol that employs vAMM model — with participation from IDG Capital, KuCoin Ventures
  • Zaros($1.80M) | Zaros is a Perpetuals DEX powered by Boosted (Re)Staking Vaults — with participation from Andy Chen, Anthony Sassano, Cogitent Ventures, DCI Capital, Fernando Martinelli, Kevin Lu, Kieran Warwick, Seven Capital, SNZ Holding
  • IVX($1.20M) | IVX operates as an on-chain options automated market maker (AMM) on Arbitrum, constructed upon the GMX platform — with participation from Animoca Brands, Autistic Waterfowl Venture Capital, AVID3, Big Brain Holdings, Cogitent Ventures, Forbole, SerDAO, Web3Port
  • RunesFi($0.40M) | RunesFi is at the forefront of leveraging the next revolution on the Bitcoin network through “Runes,” introduced by Casey Rodarmor — with participation from Cogitent Ventures, Lavender Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, Samurai Starter, WeeHODL, Zephyrus Capital
  • Aevo | Aevo is a decentralized derivatives exchange platform, focused on options and perpetual trading — with participation from Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Hart Lambur, Joseph Lubin, Kain Warwick, Nascent, Pantera Capital, Paradigm, Scalar Capital
  • UniTap | Unitap provides a platform for swapping #Rune, #BRC20, and TAP-based tokens — with participation from Altier Capital, Meow Capital, Primony, Unidentified DAO, X Ventures
  • Song of Rising | Song of Rising is a passionate and creative Pixel-style metaverse project — with participation from SoftBank
  • Iron | Iron is a bank with its entire core banking ledger on-chain, making bank-issued fiat composable like DeFi — with participation from Anagram, Backed, Fabric Ventures, Inflection, Lightspeed Venture Partners, RockawayX, Speedinvest, w3fund


  • Cysic($12.00M) | Cysic is a zero-knowledge (ZK) hardware startup that aims to provide hardware acceleration solutions for ZK proof protocols — with participation from ABCDE, Hashkey Capital, Hashkey Capital, OKX Ventures, Polychain Capital, SNZ Holding, Ventures
  • Stripchain($10.00M) | Stripchain is an intent-based interoperability protocol making chain abstraction a reality — with participation from Ascensive Assets, Hyperithm, Hypersphere Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Ryan Selkis, Santiago R. Santos, Shima Capital, Sora Ventures, Stephane Gosselin
  • Plume Network($10.00M) | Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated for all real-world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. — with participation from A Capital, Galaxy Ventures, Haun Ventures, Portal Ventures, Reciprocal Ventures, Superscrypt, SV Angel
  • Dora Factory($10.00M) | Dora Factory creates protocols and tech stacks for decentralized governance, empowering the new generation of PoS networks, open-source communities and decentralized organizations through trailblazing solutions like the Public Good Staking infrastructure and Dora Vota, a special-purpose blockchain for voting and governance. — with participation from AU21 Capital, Axia8 Ventures, BlockArk, BlockRock Capital, Cabin VC, Candaq, Clovers Ventures, CMS Holdings, dao5, Dealean Capital, DFG, Digital Renaissance, DoraHacks, DuckDAO, Fundamental Labs,, Hashkey Capital, Horizon Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, ID Theory, Incuba Alpha Labs, Infinity Labs, Interop Venture, JRR Capital, Kernel Ventures, Lancer Capital, LD Capital, LongHash Ventures, Longling Capital, Lotus Capital, NEO EcoFund, NGC Ventures, No Limit Holdings, Nomad Capital, PAKA, Polkadot, Privcode Capital, SevenX Ventures, Signum Capital, Sky9 Capital, SNZ Holding, Spark Digital Capital, The LAO, UVM Signum Blockchain Fund, Whampoa Digital, Zonff Partners
  • Fantom Foundation($10.00M) | Fantom pushes the frontiers of blockchain technology to empower developer partners with innovative tools and consumers with seamless, efficient transactions — with participation from Aave, Blocktower Capital, Fernando Martinelli, Hashed, HyperChain Capital, Michael Egorov, Robert Leshner, Sam Kazemian, Signum Capital, Stani Kulechov, Tarun Chitra, UOB Venture
  • Blockless($5.00M) | Blockless is the infrastructure platform to launch, integrate, and secure Network Neutral Applications (nnApps) — the next generation of decentralized applications compatible with all blockchain networks, but free from their limitations.What is a nnApp?nnApps are decentralized applications that work across any L1/L2 blockchain network without being constrained by any particular blockchains limitations such as latency, cost, and smart contract capabilities — with participation from Frachtis, Interop Venture, M31 Capital, MH Ventures, NGC Ventures, No Limit Holdings, Plassa Capital
  • Blockless($3.00M) | Blockless is the infrastructure platform to launch, integrate, and secure Network Neutral Applications (nnApps) — the next generation of decentralized applications compatible with all blockchain networks, but free from their limitations.What is a nnApp?nnApps are decentralized applications that work across any L1/L2 blockchain network without being constrained by any particular blockchains limitations such as latency, cost, and smart contract capabilities — with participation from Frachtis, Interop Venture, M31 Capital, MH Ventures, NGC Ventures, No Limit Holdings, Plassa Capital
  • MANTRA | MANTRA Chain is a modular Layer 1 blockchain that leverages Cosmos SDK for its architecture — with participation from 280 Capital, A2DAO, Caladan(AlphaLab Capital), CSP DAO, DeltaHub Capital, Fairum Ventures, Forte Securities, Fuse Capital, GameFi Ventures, Genblock Capital, Hex Trust, Kenetic, Laser Digital, LD Capital, Mapleblock Capital, Master Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Plutus VC, Shorooq Partners, Sky Ventures, Three Point Capital, Token Bay Capital, Vendetta Capital, Virtuzone, Waterdrip Capital
  • Alphaledger | Alphaledger is a provider of blockchain infrastructure for fixed income assets, focused on origination and the development of autonomous clearing — with participation from EJF Capital
  • RunesTerminal | Runesterminal is the Infrastructure Provider on Runes Protocol — with participation from Basics Capital, Black Edge Capital, CMS Holdings, Cogitent Ventures, DuckDAO, Fusion7 Venture Capital, GBV Capital, GHAF Capital Partners, iAngels Technologies, Laser Digital, Pentos Ventures, Nabais Capital, NewTribe Capital, Optic Capital, Pragma Ventures, Ran Neuner, Seed Thrift Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, X21 Digital, Zephyrus Capital
  • Nexis Network | Nexis Network is the worlds fastest EVM blockchain and open-source platform for decentralized projects and applications, processing up to 75,000 transactions per second with instant finality, extremely low fees and Solidity support. — with participation from Castrum Capital
  • Monad Labs | MONAD is a new proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain and decentralized computation platform that combines the best of performance and portability — with participation from Ansem, Bryan Pellegrino, Castle Island Ventures, Cobie, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Electric Capital, Eric Wall, Finality Capital Partners, Greenoaks Capital, GSR Ventures, Hasu, Hsaka, inversebrah, Lemniscap, Luca Netz, Mert Mumtaz, Naval Ravikant, Paradigm, Placeholder, Punk6529, Rune Christensen, Shima Capital
  • LayerEdge | LayerEdge is the fastest, most inexpensive & developer-friendly bitcoin layer 2 with full EVM compatibility — with participation from Blockchain Founders Fund, BreakOrbit, Founderheads, Normie Capital, Paul Taylor, Saushank


  • Colendi($65.00M) | Founded by Bulent Tekmen, Colendi offers services such as fraud protection, ‘financial passports and credit scoring without retaining users personal data. — with participation from Aslanoba Capital, Boğaziçi Ventures, Citi, Finberg, Hedef Holding, Migros Ticaret AS, Next Ventures, Re-Pie Asset Management, Re-Pie Asset Management, Sepil Ventures


  • Mighty Jaxx($11.00M) | The Mighty Jaxx Group is a collection of brands and companies that bridges future culture via an integrated platform that curates and produces unique in-person experiences, and develops digital and phygital collectibles for every fandom and audience. — with participation from East Ventures, Sunova Capital
  • SolarX($3.00M) | The SolarX project is an innovative and eco-friendly approach to cryptocurrency mining that aims to use renewable energy sources to power the mining process
  • MetaLeX($2.75M) | MetaLeX is a new way of serving the crypto communitys legal, governance and operational needs with a unique set of onchain protocols and offchain legal arrangements, purpose-built for the new cybernetic economy. — with participation from chip cope, cyber Fund, Doggie aka, Hasu, Jack Zampolin, Piers Kicks, Seed Club Ventures
  • Pencils Protocol (PenPad)($2.10M) | An all-inclusive DeFi platform, Pencils Protocol(PenPad) leverages the unique capabilities of Scroll to deliver a next-generation experience, empowering builders with advanced tools forPencils Protocol is an innovative launchpad focused on fully leveraging the unique attributes of Scroll — with participation from Agarwood, Animoca Brands, Animoca Brands, Aquarius, Ashely Xiong, David Gan, Galxe, Galxe,,, Lucia Zhang, OKX Ventures, OKX Ventures, Presto Labs, Presto Labs, Ryan Li, Sandy Peng, Sandy Peng
  • Aria | Aria is an Scalable RPG game where players can freely roam in an open world environment while experiencing the thrill of epic quests and battles — with participation from 32-Bit Ventures, Animoca Brands, Big Brain Holdings, Bitscale Capital, Folius Ventures, Formless Capital, Galaxy Interactive, Liquidx, Merit Circle, Selini Capital, The Spartan Group
  • Dope DAO | DOPE DAO is a Protocol Managed Member Administrated, Not for Profit LLC registered with the Republic of the Marshall Islands — with participation from 1kx
  • MUA DAO | Metaverse Union of Architects (MUA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose mission is to help millions of professionals around the world break the shackles to overcome the high threshold of the crypto world and create the largest virtual reality guild of architects, providing a large number of excellent builders for the metaverse. — with participation from Avalanche VC, Bytetrade Labs, Jihan Wu, RockTree Capital

Of the above items, 41.18% of the projects are Infrastructure projects. The total funding amount last week is $320.47M, a 6.25% increase compared to the previous week. Among all, the biggest funding round is Farcaster, which raised $150.00M.

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