CurioInvest - Bringing Collectables into the Digital World

By Jino | CoinCantik | 3 Sep 2019

As an cryptocurrency investor, you must be prepared to DYOR (do your own research) and take the time to analyze and study any potential ICO you may wish to invest in. It is so easy to get caught up in fake marketing and hype, leading you to make bad decisions. No matter how great the website looks or how many of your so called ‘trusted’ YouTubers promote any given, you can only really trust yourself and what you as the investor believe to be the truth.

Below I will to give you one of potential project that interest you !!!



CurioInvest intends to produce the chance for everybody to speculate in scarce collectible-vehicles, and has detected that block-chain technology will offer the desired energy of activation to interrupt barriers of impossibility and create it attainable for everybody to be concerned within the Scarce collectible-vehicles Market.

CurioInvest wish to try and do tons that may modification however the classic cars trade operates. The platform intends to produce the chance for investors while not the big sums required to buy these vehicles to team-up with others and create that purchase. sadly, it’s on a rush basis as these edition cars don't seem to be perpetually out there available and once they do, investors ar expected to place in their widow’s merriment and ar issued with tokens as confirmation of their contributions.

By digitizing the collectable automobile trade, CurioInvest has with success reduce the amount of middlemen concerned that mechanically reduces the group action value related to every trade. whereas this can be a welcome development, the platform intends to maximise this to its advantage. I fee its 2 hundredth performance fee when value deductions is on the high aspect. Also, CurioInvest isn’t proscribing its gains to the current performance fee as there ar different ways in which the platform intends to form some sensible cash from everybody. However, I do wish to chop the platform some slack because it seems to own tidied each legal work with its legit entities in European countries.

CurioInvest via their platform associate with several benefits:


  1. User-friendly Platform: the CurioInvest online platform will be based on and held by block-chain which makes it easy to use.
  2. A barrier eliminator: The platform is an activation energy that gets rid of barriers that hinder/limit 'everyone' from entering the market.
  3. One could enter with low investment: with lowered minimum capital investment, investors are enabled to buy stakes in variety of vehicles.
  4. Investment process simplified: with block-chain, and the online platform, the investment process is greatly simplified. Investors can now perform a lot of activities easily online.
  5. Easy management: CurioInvest will be able to easily manage, control and facilitate the activities and transactions in the market.
  6. Easy purchase and sales
  7. Insurance and Maintenance made easy
  8. Fresh transparency and security: CurioInvest platform provides unprecedented, fresh openness and transparency, as well as security to this market which once was only accessible/approachable to the very wealthy personalities.


Hurry up seconde phase of the IEO on Probit:


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