Coinbase introduces Ampleforth as Newest "Learn & Earn" Cryptocurrency

If you use Coinbase, You've probably heard of their very popular "Learn & Earn" program. You probably even participate in the program. If you don't use Coinbase or know what the program is, let me give a quick run down to explain what it is.

Coinbase's "Learn & Earn" is a very simple program in where Coinbase customers can signup to learn about different Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, & other related information. In return, Coinbase rewards the customer with a small amount of USD in that Cryptocurrency. 

Each lesson consist of 3-5 video clips followed by 3-5 questions. Each question the participant answers correctly, Coinbase then rewards them for that correct answer. Rewards vary depending on the coin, the lesson, length of the lesson & the difficulty of the lesson. It's a very simple & easy way to acquire free cryptocurrency.

Coinbase has paid out rewards for many coins & tokens that all have been apart of the program. Filecoin, EOS, Compound, Stellar, UMA, & many others. 

Today, Coinbase introduced it's newest Cryptocurrency to the "Learn & Earn" Program. The coin is one all of us here on Publish0x know quite well. 


The payout is quite small at just $3 total for answering 3 questions correctly. It's nice to see Ampleforth making its way onto more platforms. Coinbase is one of the top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the US. They are slowly adding more coins/tokens to the site. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Coinbase, As a Trader, Earner, & User. 

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Coinbase Introduces Newest Learn And Earn Coin
Coinbase Introduces Newest Learn And Earn Coin

Coinbase newest "Learn & Earn" Cryptocurrency coins. Take the Lessons, Answer the Questions, Earn Rewards.

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