10 days with 3 Commas...
10 days with 3 Commas...

Hi guys,

Today I would like to share my 10 days experience in a new Binance Trade account on 3Commas.



Since last year around November or December 3commas have a free option to use their platform.

Binance Trade Account.

Whats that?

Now a 3C.Exchange account is all you need to start. 

Pay trading fees only 

You can trade with any amount and volume while paying no monthly cost. 

Find more about our fees here.

Powered by Binance

We collaborate with Binance under their broker program to ensure the trading experience is the best possible. Every 3C.Exchange account is an account on Binance behind the scenes. 

You trade on the world first exchange though 3C.Exchange, so you don't need to worry about liquidity. 

Learn more about the Binance broker program here.

Your funds are safe on Binance

We never hold your funds. 

You withdraw and deposit directly to the account on Binance but through our website.

Start with 3C.Exchange

Go to 3C.Exchange

Create a new account on http://3c.exchange/ if you haven't already. 

Verify your email address 

Open your email inbox and find the confirmation link inside a letter from 3C.Exchange.

Add funds to the new exchange account 

3C.Exchange acts as a separate exchange account, so you should move funds to trade with it. 

This article explains how you can deposit funds.

Chat us if you have any questions

Just use the chat widget, we're always happy to chat. :)


3commas have 3 great Bots

GRID bot

Gordon Bot

Advance Bot...

Here are a few profits of my GRID bot





Just in case...

And here are some profits from the Gordon Bot




All this amounts are in USD, But all my profits are in Bitcoin!!! 

I know that nobody is going to buy a Lambo with this amount of BTC, but is passive income that for people that have a busy life that don't have time to be on the PC all the time.

and please for 10 days with an investment in Australian Dollars of 1000$ around 650$ USD. I'm sorry but I'm very happy for my 53.60$



Just in case

so far I didn't use the Advance bot, I only use the Grid bot and Gordon Bot...


Thats all peeps!!

If you don't have money to pay subscriptions for bots, 3commas have a solution.



Crypto Fun!! That travel the world to drink red wine...

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