How to buy and earn in Drip network

By Coin factor | Coin factor | 14 Jan 2022


► Let's talk about the most anticipated cryptocurrency earning platform with just 1 million supply in total. This is Drip token on Binance smart chain, and I'm explaining in this video how to earn Drip, how to buy Drip, how to stake in Drip and earn a passive income through the Drip network.

► Topics covered:

1. Drip network review

2. How to connect the Drip network to Metamask?

3. How to buy Drip tokens?

4. How to add buddy address?

5. How to stake Drip in Drip network?

6. How to calculate earnings in Drip network?



Get Drip:

Buddy address: 0x5551435A4a5d984F7102cDEC8bB43B2D93ad23A2



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