React Hooks and Cryptocurrency Dashboards

By LuisRPavanelli | CodeCraft | 21 May 2024


I have always found myself at the confluence of these two fast-growing sectors as a software coder interested in the latest in technology related to the internet and the exciting realm of digital coins. My most recent adventure was to come up with a live cryptocurrency dashboard employing ReactJS and it was simply awesome. In this article, I will describe how use of React Hooks changed my view on the project by sharing my experience.

React Hooks to the Rescue: Let’s Start the Journey

I was someone who loved clean and readable code, thus hooks for me were a big change. This was because through them, I could handle both state as well as side effects without any long writings as seen in classes.

In making my app for checking cryptocurrencies, I needed to get and show current information from many blockchain trading websites. The biggest challenge with this was managing the application state while still striving for high level of code readability. By resorting to `useState` and `useEffeсt` hooks, I kept the code short but still easy on eyes.


Conversational code with `useEffect`

One good use of the `useEffect` hook was in dealing with effects on the side, like for example fetching data. I managed to have my dashboard updated with the latest market trends by refreshing data every minute over a given period of time interval. Such becomes essential especially when venturing into cryptocurrency markets which are characterized by extreme price fluctuations within seconds time span.

Improving consumer comprehention using specialized hooks

I designed a custom hook system to keep my code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). One of which is 'useFetch' a hook that makes it easier to get data from various sources.


This hook has rendered my components more organized and less tedious to maintain. As an illustration, installing a news feed component for exhibiting new cryptocurrency news was effortless:


Concisely, time alters everything. That truth becomes clearer as I become older.

To consolidate it, my conviction in React Hooks greatly grew as a result of this task. They only did not simplify my coding but also boosted the effectiveness and the client experience of the cryptocurrency dashboard. So much easier to handle state and side effects which made the development process more enjoyable and less cumbersome.” "Experiencing while working on this project that added to how much I valued Reacts Hooks as soon as it was finished. Not only did this ease the coding that I was doing, but it also increased the overall usability and efficiency of the cryptocurrency dashboard. It became easier to manage states and side effects, thus making it less tedious and more enjoyable while developing.

I am so much grateful to be a developer who is fond of crypto, and it has been exceptional. There is nothing like the ever changing environment in which either of these fields exist that keeps me excited and full of life I am able to learn and invent new things from time to time.

If you’re about to start such a project or are just curious about how much React Hooks could improve your coding experiences, don’t hesitate; I urge you to give it a try. It has limitless possibilities and the process is just as thrilling as the result.

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