Summer Holidays Using Crypto




How much easier it would be if instead of the whole preparation you would just needed to prepare your luggage, take you mobile phone and of course not forget you're  swimming suit?


a la carte

 Imagine booking a room and your flight tickets just by paying in crypto, during your stay in the hotel paying just with your mobilephone on every single food and beverage spot and finally checking out the hotel and being able to pay your invoice  again with your crypto, without having to care not to lose or forget your wallet, or needing to withdraw any cash. Would that be an ideal vacation?

 All the hotels around the world should consider changing their payment methods as by themselves using crypto will avoid being charged any high transaction fees or currency exchange fees. I do not know if it is a mater of time or if it will never happen, but in my opinion this can solve the average of payment problems and even boost the gaining profits. 

 There are a lot of cryptos which could serve this need with their low to zero transaction fees and we should reconsider the whole process. Holding money on any account in the bank is not safer than keeping crypto on your wallet. What is your money? Just a number on the database. What is crypto? Just a number on your wallet. Do not be afraid to buy or trade something that is new, as there is a metaphor in Greece tha says : ''Whatever rises, should fall an again rerise as life is a wheel and turns and turns. ''

 Everyone whose work is related with Tourism has to offer the guest a well deserved fantastic summer holiday. We have to avoid any complication as the guest needs to be relaxed from the time he arrives to the spot of his arranged holidays till the last second he will return back to home and cryptos can really make our life simple.

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I am an IT working as a Reservations - Front office & Sales manager in two five star hotels and nowdays i am also doing my research about crypto.



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