Can you reach the luck to become rich?


Do not be greedy.

Becoming rich will take a lot of risk regarding your choices and a huge luck.

Trading of stocks or crypto would be a solution if you can find and invest in the correct projects.

Coming up with your own project for a business that will be unique or the best of it's kind.  

Inheritage a  great fortune from a relative, a family member or an unknown if you are extremely  lucky would be a solution.

And last but not least owning or becoming a member of an illegal crew.

But even if you manage to, can you believe that you will be just a millionaire?

Do you know that the elite of the total the world’s richest, which is the 1 percent, own 44 percent of the world’s wealth?

Have you ever thought about what 1% of the world's population means?

If we take under consideration that the global population is approximately 7.853.000.000 and we just divided the wealth of the

richest 2.000 people in the world we would all be by now millionaires.

Pump & Dumpbye


Do you believe that it is right when the elite has all the wealth and can manipulate everyone and everything on this planet?

Until now on this planet. Even trading a stock or a crypto and trying to make a profit you will have to set your money on high risk

whereas one of the elite has not that thoughts at all as he can do whatever he pleases.

It's fair enough for a millionaire but not being a multi billionaire.

And I do not mean the companies that succeed with legal operations but for the personal wealth.

They won't be able to spend that money even in 10 lives when there are people who can not even afford a bottle of water.

Believe it or not during the pandemic of covid-19 global billionaire wealth increased by $3.9 trillion, by contrast, global

workers’ combined earnings fell by $3.7 trillion.

So where is the equality and freedom all the countries and nations are fighting for.

Did you know that you pay more taxes than these elite guys do?

Most of them are responsible for the damage on our planet's ecosystem and guess, no one can touch them.

In conclusion trying to become rich for most is a dream, some of us may somehow become, but in the end of the day we will be poor.

Thous enjoy your life at the highest level you can as you leave once in this life.


I may not be rich by now but i feel very good and tomorrow I will feel better than yesterday and every day I will feel better than the previous one,

cause these money come and go but the memories are the only leftover of the past. 

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I am an IT working as a Reservations - Front office & Sales manager in two five star hotels and nowdays i am also doing my research about crypto.



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