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The June Campaign

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 20 Jun 2023

June, is a special month for many people, from sweethearts whom love to do knitting to those whom throw axes. Could be you, right? 

What about me? Do I think June is special? Well, definitely!

(Polimec) June Campaign 

Now, what does June have to do with Polimec? Right, let's go there. Prior to being built for a year, in this very June Polimec has started a campaign for the ambassadors and also for the community (that means for public, yes :). The Polimec Airlyft Community can be reached here

For anyone within the community everything is set and you could simply support Polimec. You don't have to go to the deep jungle or hike a mountain :p — just do the tasks to grow the community and support Polimec. That's it!

For the ambassadors, as it is crucial to get involved in the community and part of the mission so we are here to delicately (while Homer Simpson and I sipping coffee) share the experience (I'll write about this in coming articles). And if you or anyone willing to get the experience, just dive in! Or spread your wings! Do it the way it suits you and grow with Polkadot Liquidity Mechanism ecosystem. Rest assured that Polimec welcomes you. As Optimus Prime says,

We are here. 


Going further now Polimec builds its community on Airlyft and if anyone already there, they know that it is well appreciated to join an active community. Yes, Polimec is much active on Airlyft.

Last, beyond anything that I have written, please do your own research, Polimec has tons of resources. Let Polimec knows your thoughts and ideas about the Project.


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