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Listen to Music, Get Paid 10X in Crypto

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 9 Jan 2021

Saturday here. Listening to some rock songs aired on Cyber FM Radio, waiting for the coming 10x. 24 hours isn't that long anyway. Well, maybe it is.

I've been listening to the radio– online, for two months now. I got interested that CYFM played legendary bands, though the list is vast; asian to western music, country to hard rock, and there are podcasts.

So, what is this 10X?

It's a live broadcast which gives us, you and I 10X more than usual, in form of crypto token.
Sounds great, right?
Hell yeah! I mean of course ;)

We can enjoy the live stream via Cyber FM app, you can download it from Playstore or App Store.

Once the app is installed, simply set ETH address within the app and enjoy the live streaming, it goes for 2-3 hours.

The amount of token we earned will be sent to the users' wallet address the coming month. It's January, so we will get the CYFM / MFTU in early February. Okay, you're smiling now?

However, the live streaming requires us to have CYFM in their wallet to earn the 10X.

Oh you don't have any CYFM / MFTU?
Ok, first thing to do is relax, there's absolutely no reason to be panic XD.

Cyber FM has a friendly way, you can buy CYFM directly from their website:

How much token we're going to get?

That, depends on the tier. CYFM earning tiers

The higher the tier, more to earn. Don't worry, I'm a noobie myself ;)

And in case you haven't know, CYFM will get its toe wet for DeFI. This would be ETH, Tron and BSC, yes, Binance Smart Chain. And descent progresses are on the way. You can always get bags of info in their telegram group

Anyway, good music, is all about fun :)


This is a self experience, not directly represent Cyber FM.

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